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R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase (w/ Virgil)

R-Truth took the early advantage and worked over DiBiase with punches and kicks before taking the match outside the ring. Truth had words with Virgil before taking the match back to DiBiase.

Back in the ring, Virgil provided another distraction allowing DiBiase to gain the advantage. DiBiase stayed on offense until Truth blocked a double axehandle from the top rope. Truth built momentum with clotheslines and a hip toss, and managed to get a two count. He went for his kick, but Dibiase was able to dodge it.

Truth stayed on offense, scoring several two counts in the process. Truth then hit the lie detector on Dibiase and got the three count! Decent match, the ending kind of came out of nowhere.

R-Truth defeated Ted Dibiase via pinfall.

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