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Edge vs. Randy Orton

Orton got the early advantage until Edge was able to throw Orton into the ring side barrier outside of the ring. Edge then worked on Orton's midsection and left arm for awhile.

Orton was able to turn the tide for a little bit with a suplex from the top rope. They traded punches and Orton got the better of the exchange and gained control of the match for a short period until Edge was able to turn the tables with a boot to the face. Edge setup for a spear as Orton was on the ring apron, but Orton got his knee up and nailed Edge with a DDT, but Edge got his foot on the ropes.

Later in the match Edge went for a spear but was met with a kick from Orton. Orton motioned for an RKO, but he seemed to lose feeling in his right arm, legitimately. It seemed like he hurt his forearm. The referee motioned "X", and Edge rolled to the outside. Orton went and whispered to Edge, who then started kicking Orton outside of the ring. Edge went to spear Orton who was up against the barricade, and Orton moved out of the way while holding on to his right bicep and Edge hit the barricade as the referee counted both men out.

Edge vs. Randy Orton was a draw due to a double countout.

After the match Jerry Lawler speculated that Orton had suffered a shoulder injury, given that Orton has a history of shoulder problems.

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