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Big Show vs. Jack Swagger (c)
World Heavyweight Title Match

Show is playing uber-babyface here, slapping hands with the fans while entering the ring and throwing his shirt to the crowd. Show gained the early advantage. Swagger tried to wrestle Show, but Show was able to reverse Swagger who jumped outside of the ring and acted shocked that Shot out-wrestled him.

Show continued to dominate Swagger back in the ring for several moments until Swagger was able to catch Show when he was coming back in the ring and clotheslined Show on the top rope. Swagger tackled Show and continued to beat down the big man. Swagger went for a cover, but Show kicked out and sent Swagger outside of the ring. Show continued to manhandle Swagger, until Swagger grabbed his belt from outside of the ring and nailed Show with it to get intentionally disqualified. The crowd groaned as the referee called for the bell. Short bad match made worse with the crappy ending.

The Big Show defeated Jack Swagger via disqualification, Swagger retains the World Heavyweight Title.

Swagger continued to beat down Show after the match, and grabbed a chair from outside of the ring. Swagger nailed Show with several shots on his back until Show was able to catch Swagger coming in and nailed a chokeslam. Show then nailed Swagger with the chair and then chokeslammed the champion on the chair. Show finished Swagger off with a big punch and celebrated.

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