-- There were major creative re-writes backstage at RAW today with all the recent WWE injuries.

-- Toledo is sold out tonight for RAW.

-- Bret Hart is booked for tonight's show and has arrived backstage.

-- The July 6th WWE SmackDown! tapings are being advertised as a SmackDown! SuperShow, featuring the wrestlers from both RAW and SmackDown!. Advertised is an 8-Man "inter-promotional tag team match" featuring John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton and Big Show vs. Edge, Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Sheamus.

-- WWE will run back to back SmackDown! tapings on August 17th in Bakersfield, CA and August 18th in Fresno, CA. This is the week following SummerSlam.

-- Greg Price, the promoter of the annual NWA Legends Fanfest issued the following statement today, regarding claims that he owes Ric Flair $25,000 for an appearance at last year's convention: I heard today that someone told a fan at a convention a few weeks back that I owed this person $25K and that I had ripped them off last year. I'm not sure how many people he's told this or why, but let me assure everyone that I don't owe Ric Flair one red cent. We had a written agreement and I have witnesses that will verify he was paid per our written agreement, and then some. To say that I owe him anything is a complete lie. I take great pride in the relationships I've made in wrestling and value them immensely. I don't have a reputation of stiffing guys on payoffs and take offense when a guy that I grew up idolizing is trying to disparage me for reasons unbeknownst to me. Ric Flair, I've seen the very worst of you. Not a lot of people know that you and your family stood outside of the Hall of Heroes awards ceremony last year screaming, jumping up and down in front of a handful of people and threatening to walk out on the banquet unless I paid you more money. I know we have fans that saw that firsthand. That's what's called holding someone up. "You pay me more money or I'm leaving now!" I believe that's extortion. It's wrong. I hate I wasted so many years idolizing a liar and a con man. I'm not looking for a battle with you. I just want you to set the record straight. I don't know why you'd claim that I owe you money. You know that's not true. For any other folks that you may have told the same lies, I want them to know the truth too. Ric Flair, you owe me an apology. And you need to set the record straight. You know I don't owe you one cent.

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