-- The decision to make Bret Hart the new general manager of RAW was made earlier in the day on Monday prior to RAW. This was a last-minute decision obviously. As of last week, Abraham Washington was scheduled to be the permanent RAW general manager. He was even told that the role was his. WWE also would have never put the U.S title on Bret if they had plans for him to be full-time RAW GM. As always, WWE plans are always changing and this is a classic example of that.

-- Ted DiBiase was kept out of in-ring action on RAW due to the concussion he suffered on Sunday night at the PPV. Smart move to say the least with WWE's new policy on concussions. Of course, he did appear in a segment with Jon Lovitz, Santino, and others.

-- With Randy Orton scheduled for the WWE Fatal 4 Way PPV next month, the separated shoulder injury may not cause him to be out of action for a long period of time. Of course, it'll be a tag-team style match at the PPV so he won't have to work nearly as much. They could always change plans as well and pull Orton from the match if the injury turns out to be worse than thought.

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