Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the highlights...

On WWE Injuries: With all the injuries to the Raw roster seemingly coming in a matter of a few hours over the weekend, Monday Night Raw exceeded my expectations. Any time a wrestling company is going through transitional periods, which all do and always have, and gets hammered with injuries on top of it, it makes for interesting days. Now is truly the time for athletes to capitalize on the minutes that they receive. It's like coming off the bench in a NBA playoff game, all of one's minutes are big and are critical for the team's success. I've seen multiple stars made during unique times and it's all about capitalizing on one's opportunities.

On NXT: Excited to watch NXT tonight and see the Michael Cole/Daniel Bryan issue continue to unfold. Got my work out in early today so that I would make sure and be home for the festivities on Syfy. This has been a well played out issue as far as I'm concerned and is as talked about as any issue that's been featured on NXT. Wade Barrett seemingly has the best chance to win the competition but who knows for sure? Again, if WWE can mine one star out of the NXT group they will be doing well. If they can get 2-3 potential main eventers then that's really good.

On A JBL Return: No...to an emailer who asked if I expected to see JBL back in the ring at some point. I think that limo has driven off into the sunset and is properly funded to boot. Could John make a guest appearance/cameo in a non wrestling role some day in WWE? I assume that he could and I would invest in that happening before he would ever don the tights again. I plan on seeing JBL on my next 'book trip' to New York City. I would have loved to have broadcast a WWE PPV with JBL before all was said and done. Yeah, I know, we're 'too Southern' but it also might have been lightning in a bottle. It sure as hell wouldn't have been dull.

On Batista Doing MMA: Speaking of MMA, I've heard some rumblings that when Batista gets healthy that he might try his hand in the MMA world. This rumor is FAR from official but I do know that Batista has been doing some MMA training and has a bona fide interest in the genre. This would be a huge challenge for Batista if he indeed attempts to compete in MMA at a high level which, again, is not a done deal.

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