-- The New York Times makes fun of Linda McMahon getting the nomination for the Senate seat. When discussing McMahon, she is described as… A political novice who made her fortune building up an entertainment business that specialized in blood, seminaked women and scripted subplots featuring rape, adultery and familial violence. In which the candidate, her husband and children played themselves. Also, the family yacht is named Sexy b---h.

-- Another article on Linda McMahon is available at journalinquirer.com

-- Rob Simmons, who was running against McMahon, said he doesn't believe Linda can win the election. He also stated that if the party asks him to help her, he'll "be preoccupied." He also made remarks about that she has too much to defend in her past against the democrats, but then later said "I talked too much and I'm sorry." This Simmons guy seems like a complete jerk but that's just my opinion. Why do politicians always run campaigns with such hatred towards each other? Ugh, nevermind.

-- TV commercials in Austin, TX, where Monday's RAW will be, heavily feature HHH. It should be noted that HHH is not scheduled to be there.

-- Mickie James has been added to the K&S Wrestlefest in Carteret, NJ at the Holiday Inn on July 10th. She joins Ashley Massaro, Roadkill, Danny Doring, Eric Embry, Tomko, John Nord, Jose Lothario, Jay Lethal, Killer Brooks, Robert Roode, James Storm, Don Callis, Jeff "NWO Sting" Farmer, Snitsky, Val Venis, Savio Vega, Rocky Johnson, Mark & Chris Youngblood, Paul Birchill and Shelton Benjamin.

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