The Undertaker suffered a busted nose at this past week's SmackDown! television taping in Cleveland, in due part to Rey Mysterio's "619" maneuver. He bled for a few minutes before the dark match concluded. Unlike two instances at Sunday's Over The Limit pay-per-view, no trainer was sent out to stop the bleeding.

Many within WWE feel the company's stance on blood is a direct result of Linda McMahon campaigning for office. One of the main reasons the company has prohibited blood from appearing on television is due to agreements that have been made to attract high-level sponsors such as Coca-Cola. The feeling is the rule would only change in case WWE's popularity tapers. One WWE source believes WWE's PG stance will remain in effect until either their licensing agreement with Mattel expires, which is years from now, or another wrestling company, such as TNA Wrestling, diminishes their popularity.

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