• After UFC 114 at the post fight presser, 'Rampage' Jackson discussed his loss to Rashad Evans, here are the highlights…

    Did The Layoff Hurt?: "I'm really ashamed of myself that I fell victim to ring rust."

    On Rashad: "It was no secret that Rashad was going to try to wrestle me," Jackson said. "Rashad was faster than I anticipated, and he was more aggressive than I anticipated. He had a great game plan and it worked well for him."

    On Losing: "I'm not a sore loser," Jackson said. "That's why I commended him. [We're] all cut from the same cloth; we all put our lives on the line, and get in the octagon and do battle. [We're] the alpha men of the planet, I feel. If anybody beats me, no matter how they beat me – they beat me and I respect that."

    When Does he Want To Fight Next?: "I would like to get back in there as soon as possible," he said. "I didn't like the way I felt, (and) how much I hesitated. This fight's going to haunt me for a long time. I'm just one of those guys – it's really going to haunt me."

  • After the UFC 114 event at the post fight presser, Michael Bisping discussed his victory, here are the highlights…

    On The Fight: "I wanted to finish my opponent tonight, but it was very tough, obviously," Bisping said. "Wanting to finish him is one thing, but actually doing it is entirely different. He was very tough, very durable. I hit him with some big shots, but he was hungry; he wanted to win bad, and he hung in there."

    On His Training: "If you speak to my Thai coach, my boxing coach and my sparring partners, believe me, I hit with power. I haven't been getting knockouts lately. I think what it came down to is I fought a lot of wrestlers back to back. ... I think subconsciously, I started fighting on my back foot. I'm so worried about the takedown, and obviously U.K. guys don't wrestle in college and things like that, so I was subconsciously starting to fight on the back foot. Obviously doing that, you don't generate the same kind of power, so I have to retrain myself not to do that and to move forward – to plant my feet and move forward. I had hoped to knock [Miller] out tonight or get the TKO or stoppage, but he's very durable. I hit him with some great shots, but he stood right in there."

    On The Fight With Miller: "I thought [Miller] was trying to lull me into a false sense of security," Bisping said. "At the end of the first round, I actually commented to my cornermen that this time he's going to come out and shoot in the second round. I do think part of that was due to my footwork. I was staying out of range of the takedowns, constantly changing my angles. If you're going to plant your feet and stand in front of your opponent, they're going to shoot on you. I wasn't giving him the opportunity to do that. In terms of jiu-jitsu, everybody seems to think they're going to submit me, but I've done jiu-jitsu for years. I went to the world championships in New Zealand when I was 16 years old. People don't know these things. I just prefer to punch people."

    On His Next Fight: "Wanderlei Silva said he wants a rematch, and I would love a rematch."

  • After the UFC 114 event at the post fight presser, Dana White discussed John Hathaway and Diego Sanchez, here are the highlights…

    On John Hathaway: "You know how we're always talking about none of the English have any wrestling? Diego couldn't take [Hathaway] down, and Diego's game is wrestling. That kid had great takedown defense, and his hands looked good."

    On Hathaway's Potential: "The scary thing about a kid like this is he's only 22 years old," White said. "For a kid of his age and his experience, Diego Sanchez is a huge fight. I'm sure it was a very nerve-racking fight for him. After you have three or four decent fights in the UFC, you start to feel like this is your home. It's going to be very scary when he feels like this is his home."

    On Moving Hathaway Up The Ranks Slowly: "Joe does a good job at deciding who's next and working guys up," White said. "It's like 'Bones' Jones. Everybody gets all hot on him and heavy. You don't throw 'Bones' Jones in there with Anderson Silva. You let the kid get some experience, work his way up."

    On Diego Sanchez: "I'm not [Sanchez's] manager, but I think he should stay at [lightweight]," White said. "Listen, a loss to B.J. Penn doesn't mean you go back up to 170. It means you stay at 155, and you do what Kenny Florian did. You stay in there and you keep grinding it out and keep beating the top guys, and you get back in line and work your way back up to the top again. Diego does not look good at 170."

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