-- Phil Mushnick has a new article up, claiming Linda McMahon had a different major in college than she claimed. You can read that at NYPost.com.

-- The Hartford Courant discusses Rob Simmons pulling out of the Senate race against McMahon, and the fact that the democrats plan to go after video clips of "crass WWE behavior."

-- SiFy Sports (sify.com) has an article up, noting that Hulk Hogan is recovering from back surgery.

-- Gregory Davis sent this one in: I was looking through my old wrestling magazine collection, and in the September 2002 issue of Raw Magazine, JR's monthly column had a joke list of events involving the WWE staff (Hogan unable to say "brother", Tazz in the NBA, etc), saying we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for them to happen. Guess what one of them was...... "The Coach joining ESPN's Stuart Scott to star on SportsCenter." I don't believe they've anchored together, but the Coach has indeed been hosting SportsCenter a few times a month over the last year.

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