Jim Ross has another new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Highlights are below.

On staying with WWE: BTW emailers are still sending me 'attitudinal' missives regarding my decision to stay with WWE, of which I am very comfortable, for the record, and not to go to work elsewhere. Some are on the feedback section that many send in after a blog is posted while others can be found in the Q&A section. Others that went low road have been deleted. I have no issue with any one expressing their opinion but the profanity isn't necessary.

On attending next WWE PPV: Planning on going to WWE's next PPV to help out behind the scenes and that will likely become a monthly road trip. Once a month sure as hell beats 51 weeks a year.

On UFC 114: The UFC's latest effort Saturday night was a hit from where I was sitting. Always the bottom line of any PPV investment is "Did I get my monies worth?" This answer is absolutely, as the event delivered including an overachieving under card.

You can check out the full blog at JRSBARBQ.com

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