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On A Rib Played On Michael Cole: What we didn't see was Michael Cole get introduced before the show went on the air and I'm told he was booed out of the arena. Why, you ask? One reason might have been because he came out to my old, entrance music 'Boomer Sooner' the Oklahoma fight song which doesn't play well in the home of the Texas Longhorns. Nice practical joke on Cole who later in the show had an entertaining piece of business with Daniel Bryan and the Miz.

On R-Truth: Seems like R Truth is starting to gain momentum. Truth is a little unorthodox offensively which isn't a bad thing and just makes him different. Truth has charisma and it seems if the machine continues to roll with him that the United States Champion will become even more viable in the months to come. Truth beating the amazingly talented Chris Jericho was huge for the new Champion.

On Daniel Bryan vs. Miz: The Daniel Bryan vs. Miz match could have lasted longer but I really liked what I saw of it as Miz is becoming a bigger star each week and Bryan's in ring style is unique for Raw. Adding Michael Cole to this equation makes this issue stand out even more. Will we see any more of this matter Tuesday night in Dallas?

On The Uso's: The Uso's are going to be really good if they continue to do grow, adjust to life on the road and can stay healthy. The trio has lots of natural talent and athleticism. They match up well with the Hart Dynasty and this personal issue is going to be fun to follow. I like the 3rd generation storyline and am interested to see how it evolves.

On Evan Bourne: It was a great night for Evan Bourne not only interacting with Edge at the beginning of the broadcast but teaming with John Cena in the main event at the end of the broadcast. Bourne's perception improved tonight a great deal and the high flier is a good, solid citizen who is deserving of the opportunity that was presented him tonight.

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