Richard Colbert of called in the following from Dallas, Texas:

*They are setting up a funeral scene in the ring to Smackdown with.

*Kane is out eulogizing Taker who Teddy Long announced was found in a vegetative state by Kane over the holiday weekend. Kane says he will hunt down whomever did this and will destroy them. Awesome promo by Kane.

*World champion Jack Swagger in his OU jersey faces MVP. Swagger beat MVP in a great TV match after rolling up MVP after he missed the Players Boot in the corner. Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins then attack MVP, looking to make their "Impact".

*Backstage Vickie Guerrero tries to get Teddy to put Dolph Ziggler in the Fatal 4 Way, but he announces every member of Smackdown will compete in a battle royal for the spot left vacant by Undertaker's issues.

*Backstage, Kelly and Tiffany are cutting a promo when LayCool interrupt. They take credit for ridding WWE of Piggy James and the Glamazon. They say Kelly Kelly and Tiffany are next.

*Kane then confronts Punk about injuring Taker and Punk backs down. Punk offers Kane the Straight Edge Society to help about a fellow brother in need. Kane leaves disgusted.

*Intercontinental Title match: Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston. Mid way through, Matt Hardy comes down the stairs and has a front row ticket much to Drew's disgust. After Hardy arrives they go for a bit more and go outside the ring. Drew elbows Matt and throws Kofi into the ring. Hardy tries to jump the rail and that distracts Drew enough to let Kofi hit rhe SOS for the win. Hardy then jumps rhe rail and hits a Twist of Fate on Drew and escapes through the crowd.

*Rey Mysterio goes to Kane backstage and offers his condolences when Kane accuses him of attacking Taker. Couldn't hear Rey's reply.

*Backstage, Jack Swagger is cutting a promo where he is singing the OU fight song when Kane interrupts him. I couldn't hear what was said over the boos.

*Kelly Kelly beat Rosa with the K2

*Backstage, Big Show and Hornswoggle were playing cards when Kane confronted
Show about attacking Taker.

*During this, they snuck someone under the ring.

*Battle royal for the final spot at Fatal Four Way now. Finlay finally makes an appearance as well, his first since Wrestlemania 26! Royal is ongoing. Punk and Serena are ringside for Gallows. Rey goes to attack Punk and Gallows stops him as they escape to the back.

Kofi and Drew eliminate each other. People are really hoping Rey wins. Christian eliminates Dolph. Dolph then distracts Christian and Finlay get him out. Rey eliminates Chavo who stays down for awhile with the trainer helping him.

The Final four are Hawkins, Rey, Kane and Gallows. Hawkins is out. Masked man shows up to help Gallows but Kane takes both out. Kane and Rey left. They go back and forth for a bit before Rey hit the 619. He goes for a Springboard move and Kane catches him. Kane tries for a one handed Chokeslam but, Rey turn it into a rana and eliminates Kane to get into the match at Fatal Four Way.

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