Jim Ross has updated his blog, which is available in full at JRSBARBQ.com Some highlights:

On Half-Pint Brawlers: Checked out 'Half Pint Brawlers' on Spike Wednesday night. I hope the show makes it and it might if the producers allow the viewers to get to know the 'Brawlers' away strictly from the 'Jackass-like' antics that are featured. Through character development will help encourage viewers to watch the show. If this show is more about the characters, their lives, their travel, challenges of being a little person and less about wrestling it might make it. I'll watch it again.

On Edge: Interesting article in an Asheville, N.C. newspaper on Edge where he said he could see retiring in two years. I think many in Edge's generation who have made big money, and he has, and have wisely saved and invested it, and I suspect that he has, will not hang around the business too long simply so that they can preserve what physical health that they can. Edge has had significant injuries in his illustrious career specifically his neck surgery and if asked, and I haven't, I would advise him to call it a career sooner than later if he can financially afford it. Too many wrestlers have to stay longer than they need or should because of financial issues but I would be shocked if Edge even remotely comes close to that syndrome. Guys in Edge's generation can easily take a look at previous generations of wrestlers to learn what NOT to do as it relates to their career and personal life style. Smart wrestles who work hard, get a break, and plan for their future by using a professionals help can often times comfortably retire from in ring wrestling by the time that they are in their 40's.

On Barry Windham: Emailer asks...why was Barry Windham never NWA Champion? I can assure one and all it wasn't because of his lack of in ring ability because at one time BW was one of the best in the game. I think it had a great deal to do with timing as in who else was in the chase or hunt for the NWA Title at the time plus some power brokers may have had lingering questions about Barry's commitment to the road/business. Have you seen the Flair-Windham TV bout from Worldwide Wrestling from years ago? Classic. Barry was a tremendous wrestler. Just think, Barry Windham is Husky Harris' uncle.

On his new WWE role: Emailers are congratulating me on my new 'contract' with WWE....I do not have a 'contract' but am a regular employee like many people who are not TV talents. That arrangement works just fine with me BTW. Plus, no one should feel badly that I'm not on weekly TV any longer. I don't feel bad about it and neither should you. I feel confident that I will do selected, talent work with WWE in the future but just not on a weekly basis.

As egocentric as I am, I will likely always believe that I can still kick ass at the announce table with the best of them no matter the genre and particularly in the pro wrestling world. However, team players help the team and that's still my primary goal just like it's always been which has helped my career endure many ups, downs, and cyclical times.

Be sure to check out the full blog at JRSBARBQ.com These are always great reads and are worth checking out.

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