Matt Hardy was at it again on Twitter last night/this morning. Some of his more entertaining statements:

"TURN ON SMACKDOWN NOW!! DON'T MISS IT.. Matthew Moore Hardy is about to be reborn in the WWE."

In response to someone asking if he was trying to get fired to go to TNA: "I've been underutilized.. I don't "need" the WWE, I have nothing to lose"

In response to someone saying he had been ignored for too long: "But I WILL NOT be ignored anymore-bet on it!"

In response to someone asking if he prefers fans that "play along": "Deal is-there's more reality than not on the stuff I'm saying & doing now on TV. Something has to change-either the WWE or me."

In response to a tweet saying "STFU you suck and your only claim to fame is being carried through the tag division by your junkie brother": "U would love to have my life-but u never will. U obviously care enough to read all my tweets but I'll stop that-BLOCKED! HAHA!"

In response to a suggestion that WWE using Drew McIntyre to get rid of him: "Maybe so-but I've got a Twist Of Fate for VKM!"

And to finish: "It's all of your support that keeps me ticking.. Thanks much. SD is in St. Louis tomorrow-let's see what plane tickets are going 4 tonight."

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