-- WWE sent out an alert on Friday reminding fans that tomorrow night's RAW in Miami will begin at 7:30pm. Some tickets printed have a start time of 8:15pm but since it's a three-hour RAW, the show is obviously starting earlier.

-- You Matt Hardy fans are once again crazy! Please do realize that 99% of the news we publish on this website does not contain commentary/opinion. 'Haters' will always be haters and such is life! As always, thanks for your continued support of the website. We appreciate it lots!

-- John Morrison was back on the road with WWE this weekend. I'd expect to see him on RAW this Monday.

-- WWE ratings from this past week in Mexico saw SmackDown! with Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker do a 10.5 rating and RAW on Memorial Day, which isn't a holiday in Mexico, doing a 9.2 rating.

-- "Chris Kanyon: The Book - Wrestling Reality" is a book that the late Kanyon was working on before his death and will be released soon.

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