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On Barry Windham: I made a correction on my Barry Windham not being NWA Champion snafu after the mistake had been pointed out by several observant readers. BW held the title such a short time and during a period where the NWA Title's value had been lessened that it slipped past me. My answer to the reason why Barry was never a long term NWA champion ala Thesz, Race, Brisco, Funk. Flair, etc is still applicable in my opinion. BW was a magnificent bell to bell performer without question. Nonetheless I made a mistake. I apologize.

On NXT: Lots of fans wonder if WWE has found any 'break out' stars from their first NXT class. I personally don't know as I think it takes 2-4 years to determine if a young wrestler is going to be a perennial main eventer or not. One can identify potential but to declare that someone is going to be a breakout star after watching them on TV for a few weeks isn't wise. Becoming a great in ring star who has staying power isn't an overnight process.

On Brock Lesnar's Next Fight: Personally, I will be in Vegas on July 3 to see the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin Heavyweight Title fight which has many close to Lesnar concerned and rightfully so. Carwin has allowed no one to survive outside the first round as best I know off the top of my head in compiling an undefeated record. Lesnar is still my pick to win this one but any thing can and likely will happen in this battle of big, strong, badass fighters.

On The Longevity Of Today's Wrestlers: The wrestling business isn't likely to see individuals last 20-30 years based on the style that is currently utilized where many are taking many chances with high risk maneuvers, etc. If that theory is somewhat accurate, then it seems even more imperative for wrestlers to begin from day one preparing for a short career in the ring and having a financial plan with a mapped out exit strategy. To think that it doesn't make sense to plan for one's pro wrestling exit along with one's pro wrestling debut debut isn't as far fetched as it may sound.

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