-- Joe Hennig, now known as Michael McGillicutty on WWE NXT, said the following on Twitter about his new name: "A lot of folks are asking about my "name". Lets face it: Michael McGillicutty is the next generation of the WWE, the next World Champion... While on the other hand Joe Hennig was simply the son of Mr. Perfect...I will make a mark in the WWE & on NXT by MYSELF, not my name..."

-- Steve Austin, Kaval and Kofi Kingston took to Twitter after last night's RAW to comment on the NXT invasion angle. Here's what they wrote:

Kaval: "After what I just saw, I think Cena may need a little help handling NXT1...."

Kofi Kingston: "Looks like season 1 NXT rookies are trying to make a statement..."

Steve Austin: "well that was interesting."

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