Partial Source: Pwinsider

Recently released WWE stars Carlito and Katie Lea Burchill have been pulled from next month's WWC Anniversario events. Carlito has been pulled due to the circumstances of his WWE release, aka, a drug issue that is still ongoing. He has refused to go to rehab as of this writing. Carlito vs. Ricky Banderas was expected to be the top draw for the show, but with him being out, there are now talks of running an invasion angle with the rival IWA. There are also talks that Primo Colon will headline against the IWA's Savio Vega.

Katie Lea Burchill is out of the show, due to her not being able to obtain a new US work VISA since her WWE release. TNA Knockout ODB will replace her.

(Thanks to Manuel Gonzalez)

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