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-- It looks as if the main reason that the WWE Survivor Series PPV is coming back is due to the WrestleMania buyrate. When those numbers came in, WWE realized that the UFC PPV that was right before Survivor Series likely hurt the buyrate.

-- Tickets for the WWE Survivor Series go on sale today at 10AM ET. The event takes place on November 21st in Miami, Florida.

-- While Vince McMahon publicly has stated that the UFC is not competition, word backstage Monday was that no one was supposed to mention Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's association with the company.

-- The June 9 edition of Half-Pint Brawlers drew a 0.57 (0.6) cable rating with 785,000 viewers. The replay did a 0.36 (0.4) cable rating. That's obviously a combined rating of a 1.0.

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