Source: PWInsider

Dixie Carter has responded to some of the rumors running around regarding her remarks of change and surprises.

Carter noted that none of the theories that are going around are correct, and that the change that was coming was something on a grander scale and a true change. No one in the company knows what Carter has planned as of now as she is keeping things quiet. She has not told management anything and it appears that only she knows what the surprise is.

Carter also noted that the situation is not specifically something for the Slammiversary show, but she had mentioned a surprise for that show, which is reportedly something completely different.

It should be noted that we have heard that major changes are in store on the creative end. That apparently has nothing to do with the surprise on Sunday night though. I'm guessing it'll be a former WWE or WCW star as the surprise and then creative changes will take place later behind the scenes.

We'll keep you posted.

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