-- Turtle, one of the characters on Half Pint Brawlers, has responded to the Little People of America and its plea for Spike TV to stop using the word "midget" to describe the talent on the show. "I do not find the word 'midget' to be disrespectful at all," Turtle says. "I am not trying to push it on other people to use the term to describe themselves, but midget is just another word for little."

-- Some Time Warner Cable systems are promoting Sunday's TNA Slammiversary PPV as having the following card: King of the Mountain match, the Naturals vs. Team Canada, Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Shane vs. Chris Sabin, Lance Hoyt vs Bobby Roode, Ron Killings vs. The Outlaw and America's Most Wanted vs. B.G. James & Konnan. Ooops.

-- Speaking of Time Warner Cable, they are currently airing a commercial for WWE's Fatal Four Way PPV which shows Evan Bourne in a prominent way when discussing the main event. It's possible Bourne may replace Randy Orton (injury angle last week on RAW) in the Fatal 4 Way RAW main event match. That's just me guessing though. As noted earlier, Bourne is in for a major push in the coming weeks on RAW so it'd make sense. Wade Barrett could also fill the role I guess. We'll see this coming week on RAW.

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