Jim Ross has posted an update to his blog, which you can read in full here. Some highlights:

On Daniel Bryan: I was surprised to get up Saturday morning and to read that Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson had been released from WWE. I am not sure of the exact circumstances and until that information is confirmed it's hard to make any definitive comments. Bryan is a talented wrestler who is not going to have any trouble finding work. His in ring style is unique, the young man has certainly paid his 'dues,' what ever that means now days, and he's arguably the most talked about performer on NXT. Certainly Bryan leaves WWE with momentum and with more fans knowing his name than at any point in his career. Plus, who is to say that Bryan will never return to WWE? There may be a great deal more to this matter than any of us know or, honestly, need to know at this time.

On The Freebirds vs. Junkyard Dog story: Why did the Freebirds vs. JYD storyline work so well in Mid South Wrestling that saw it put record numbers of fans at that time in the Louisiana Superdome? Because it was a 'personal issue' that was not rushed, was plausible, and a story that most every one could relate. The overwhelmingly popular hero, JYD, was 'blinded' by the evil, diabolical villains, The Fabulous Freebirds, which came at a time when Dog's wife was about to give birth to their baby daughter. The daughter was born but Dad could not see his baby thanks to the actions of the 'Birds. This matter wasn't about titles but was simply a well constructed, personal issue that got many fans to emotionally invest in what they were seeing unfold episodically on weekly TV. It was one of the hottest issues of the generation and I can only assume that a few of you saw it when it first happened but more have seen it via the Mid South Wrestling archives that are available at universalwreslting.com as best I know.

The Freebirds had to be very careful traveling the Louisiana highways at all times due to the legitimate angst that fans felt toward them because of their actions on the beloved Junkyard Dog. It was story telling 101 that still works to this very day if properly executed. No need to reinvent the wheel but simply and strategically parlay human nature.

On future projects: I'm very close on making an announcement regarding becoming affiliated with a big time player in the on line, sports world. Details are still being discussed but hopefully we will arrive at our destination in the next week or two.

On TNA attacking WWE verbally:Emailer...should TNA go on the air and verbally blast WWE to gain notoriety? To me, that would be extremely stupid and a waste of valuable TV time. What would it prove? TNA's success or failure is about them getting better at what they do not what WWE is or isn't doing.

On the second NXT class: Emailer...it is absolutely too early for even the internet experts to declare that this NXT class is 'starless.' I see some young athletes that intrigue me and simply need to see more of them to offer an educated and informed opinion. I do think that some of the young guys will surprise us before all is said and done which is why I enjoy watching NXT each week because I find the show unpredictable.

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