TNA Slammiversary Opener:

The 2010 Slammiversary pay-per-view opens with a video package looking at TNA's growth since the first Slammiversary pay-per-view eight years ago. We have comments from Dixie Carter, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan. The video hypes tonight's matches and here we go.

- The pyro goes off inside Orlando's iMPACT Zone as Mike Tenay welcomes us to Slammiversary 2010, which is TNA's eight-year anniversary.

Kaz vs. Kurt Angle

Kaz out to the ring. Angle out to face him. Kaz leaves the ring to give Angle his moment. Fans chanting loudly for Angle. They lock up and Angle takes Kaz down. More Angle chants. Shoulder block to Kaz and he hits a couple arm drags.

Arm bar on Kaz and he's down. USA chants. What's that about? Kaz runs the ropes then Angle slams Kaz in a corner. Kaz comes back with a flying dropkick off a corner. One German suplex to Kaz, then another. Before the third Kaz mule kicks. Brian Hebner about DQ'd Kaz but Angle stopped him. Kaz back on Angle hard in a corner.

Outside and Kaz in control. Back in with a leg drop over the top on Angle. Still more chants for Angle. Angle up and fights back. Backbreaker to Kaz out of nowhere. Angle into a corner and then a hard clothesline when Angle comes out. Kaz chokes Angle. Front facelock on the mat to Angle. more USA chants.

A release German lands Kaz hard, both down. Punches back and forth. Clotheslines and then back body from from Angle. Kaz in a corner, gets foot up. Belly to belly to Kaz for two. Kaz out of an Angle slam. spinning neckbreaker to Angle.

Powerbomb, then ankle lock on Kaz for two. Dropkick to Angle for two. Kaz climbs, but Angle runs up and send Kaz flying. Angle still only gets two on Kaz. 'This is awesome' chants. Angle gets the ankle lock Kaz, kicks out. Kaz sent to the apron but comes back over with a slingshot DDT for two. Kaz gets Angle up, but Angle grabs the ropes and free. German on Kaz. The second German. Angle holds on and hits a third, but still holds on! A fourth German on Kaz and the straps are down.

Kaz out of the ankle lock and hits his piledriver on Angle, but doesn't get the three. Kaz hits a clothesline but only gets another two. Kaz springboards, but Angle kicks him in flight. Angle slam, but only a two count. 'Angle slam' chants. Angle climbs but Kaz climbs and powerbombs. Kaz uses the ropes and Brian catches him, stops the count. Angle set up fort he finisher again, Angle reverses out into the ankle lock. Angle's whole body in and Kaz Taps.

Winner - Kurt Angle

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