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TNA X Division Championship
Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

TNA changed Williams's first name, but the graphic still read "Doug Williams." By the way, the referees are wearing the blue shirts and bow ties. The bell rings and here we go.

*Missed the start* Backdrop style suplex on Kendrick outside. Williams rolls in and then back out to break the count. Chinlock on Kendrick in the ring. Kendrick fights back with punches, but Williams hits a fallaway slam for two. Backbreaker on Kendrick and then Williams rolls Kendrick up in a bow, but Kendrick free and pins for one. Williams works the crowd. Front facelock on Kendrick.

Kendrick hung up on the ropes, but then comes back by flying out onto Williams. Kendrick up and flies with a dropkick. A splash in a corner, then a shining wizard and a flying knee to Williams for two. Williams again rolled up for two. Williams sends Kendrick into a corner,t hen kicks his leg hard, but it looked like a low blow. Kendrick for the sunset, Williams drops down for two. High knee to Kendrick in a corner, then a couple suplexes. Another suplex and Williams pinned for two.

Kendrick slapped Williams, then bit his wrist. Williams up and hits a tornado DDT on Kendrick for three.

Winner - Doug Williams

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