A video recapped the Team 3D and Ink Inc. saga.

Jesse Neal Vs. Brother Ray

Ray grabs a mic, tells Neal to hold on and then calls for Devon to get out there. Moore rushes the ring worried. ray tells them to hold on. Ray's glad Moore's out there. Ray says he owes everybody in the ring an apology. 'We want tables' chants. Neal and Moore are up in arms. Ray says to Moore that he was right, he's been a totally bully and douche bag. 'You're a douche bag' chants. Devon talked some sense into Ray. Neal's doing what they trained him to do. It's obvious that the TNA fans love Neal. 'Jesse' chants. A couple days ago he said some bad things. Neal's not a failure in the Navy, he's a hero. Moore leaves the ring to them. Ray apologizes to everyone. He screwed up. Mic down and Devon checked to make sure it was over. Ray hugs Neal, raises his arm. They all leave.

When they get on the ramp, Bubba turns around and decks Jesse. Bubba brings Jesse back to the ring. Devon is pissed as Ray tells the referee to have him removed. The bell rings and here we go.

An angry Devon was rushing back to the ring, but security stopped him and the referee, at Brother Ray's request, ordered him away, since the match had officially started. Brother Ray kicked Neal. Moore was watching from the stage. Devon yelled "This isn't over" as security walked him off. Ray dropped some elbows on Neal, then ripped off Neal's shirt and chopped his chest. Brother Ray just mauled Neal, hanging him in the Tree Of Woe and slapping him. Ray pulled Neal off the ropes with a neckbreaker. Brother Ray ripped the dog tags off Neal, said "Your best friend's dog tags? Ha!" and chopped Neal on the chest. Neal fired back with some shots, building momentum. Ray reversed a whip, but Neal jumped on the ropes and hit a flying bodypress, then slammed Ray with a belly to belly suplex. Brother Ray avoided a punch and hit a Bubba Bomb full-nelson slam, then chopped him in the back.

Tommy Dreamer, to a huge ovation, started walking down the steps in the stands. Brother Ray was on the middle rope, then stopped and stared at Dreamer, who did his crucifix pose. There was an "ECW" chant. Dreamer moved into the crowd, and posed again. Jesse Neal charged Brother Ray, who kicked him down. Brother Ray went for the second rope senton, but Neal moved out of the way. Neal hit Brother Ray with the spear for the pin at the four minute mark.

Winner: Jesse Neal

Dreamer exited the crowd, a smile on his face. Ray was dumbfounded in the ring. Ray argued with the crowd as he left.

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