We go backstage with Christy Hemme and Hernandez. Hernandez says he's been sitting at home for three months because of Matt Morgan putting him out. Hernandez says he got a taste of Morgan on iMPACT and tonight, he's going for the whole damn meal. A video package recapped their history.

Matt Morgan Vs. Hernandez

Morgan out in street clothes with a huge neck brace. he acts like he's in severe pain as he walks to the ring. about to get in the ring, but hurts too bad! He slowly gets in, wincing in pain. Beard has grown out quite a bit since the last taping. Morgan says it's with deep regret that he had to be the one to come out and inform everyone that Morgan won't be performing tonight. Heat for Morgan. Don't thank Morgan. Thank the animalistic savage Hernandez for jumping him from behind again and hurting his neck. Mr. Ref, him being the perfect man, he's always two steps ahead of the game. He has a doctor's note stating he cannot and will not be performing. Brian looks a bit shocked. And to Morgan's fans who spent their money predicated on seeing him in action and he's most sorry. He'll be back, he's a quick healer. Sorry.

Hernandez out on the ramp and on Morgan. Into the ring and Hernandez chokes Morgan on the ropes, then with Hernandez's shirt. Brian yells at Hernandez. Shoulders to Morgan's gut in the corner. Hernandez chokes Morgan with his foot. Brian drags Hernandez back. Hernandez picks Brian up and sit him up top in a corner. Morgan begs for Hernandez not to touch him, then Morgan pulls the rope down, sending Hernandez outside. Back in the ring, Hernandez into the ringpost a couple times, shoulder first. The a third time and Hernandez rolls out. Morgan makes Brian count Hernandez out.

Hernandez takes more abuse in the ring. Back elbows to Hernandez in a corner and Taz says it's VINTAGE Matt Morgan. Morgan pins for two. Herndandez fights back splashing Morgan in a corner, then a clothesline, then threw Morgan across the ring. Morgan's shirt ripped off and choking the heck out of Morgan with it. Brian tries to stop the choking. Hernandez throws Brian across the ring. Brian calls for the bell.

Winner - Morgan via DQ

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