Hemme with RVD. RVD says he has to win for all of TNA's fans. He's not letting Sting's games get in his mind. He cares that Sting stole and vandalized the belt. He doesn't care about Sting's agenda, he cares about RVD's agenda and so should Sting. It's the whole f'in show time!

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

AJ Styles out first. Flair walks out well behind AJ. AJ waits for Earl to hold th ropes for him. Jay Lethal out to much pop to face Styles. Flair glares at Lethal, then talks smack to him. Lethal in carefully, not taking his eyes off AJ and Flair.

Dueling chants, but most for Lethal. They dance around a bit. They lock up and push, finally Lethal backed into a corner. Chop to Lethal rather than a clean break. b---h slap to AJ. AJ falls to his bum and rolls out. AJ back in. Loud dueling chants for both. Side headlock on Lethal. Side headlock takeover on Lethal, but then a number of reverses on the mat. AJ in head scissors on the mat. Back to their feet, side headlock on Lethal. A shot to Lethal's knee that looked botched. Chops to Lethal. Monkey flip to AJ who comes back, but then Lethal works over AJ hard. Beautiful suplex to AJ for two.

Some punches back and forth. Backbreaker to AJ for two. Head scissors sends AJ flying. He goes out. AJ in while Lethal goes out. Lethal pulls AJ's foot out from under him and he lands hard outside. Flair helps AJ up, Earl gets Lethal back in the ring. Lethal drags AJ back in. AJ chokes Lethal in a corner. Chop to AJ. Lethal tries to float over and guts hung up on the top rope in a low blow. Blows to Lethal up there, but he fights back. A big blow and Lethal goes lax and falls. AJ in control. AJ pins for two. AJ slammed into a corner, shoulder blocks from Lethal. AJ into a corner, chops to AJ. Kick to AJ's face for one.

Back suplex to Lethal. Punches to Lethal who's then thrown out. Flair chokes Lethal with his jacket. AJ out and nails a bit chop. Bakc in AJ pins for two. AJ's pissed. Facelock on Lethal in the center of the ring. 'Lethal' chants. Lethal elbows AJ in the gut. Elbow to the back of Lethal's head. Lethal handspring's back and elbows AJ. Punch to AJ, then into a front facelock. Another punch, then back into the facelock. A couple elbows then a boot to AJ from a corner. Lethal off one corner, then off another. Chop to AJ, then another attack and a lethal combination for two.

AJ catches Lethal and takes him down. Flair's pissed and yells at Earl. Lethal hits a cutter and pins for a long two. Lethal over and kicks at Flair. Rake to Lethal's eyes. AJ grabs Lethal and locks on the figure four. Lethal to the ropes, Flair hits Lethal's hands, but he's free. Brainbuster on Lethal for two. Taz makes a Four Horsemen/Arn comment. AJ Set up the clash, Lethal counters. Full nelson into a suplex. Lethal pins but Flair pulls AJ's foot under the ropes. Lethal locks the Figure four on AJ. Flair's about out of his skin wild. AJ to the ropes.

Bckabreaker to AJ, then up. AJ out of the way. Pele to Lethal. AJ starts climbing but his knee buckles and hi hits his mouth. Lethal Reverses and pins AJ for three.

Winner: Jay Lethal

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