- A video package on Hardy, Anderson and Beer Money was shown.


Hemme with Anderson and Hardy. She asks how they feel about being a new team against a solid team? Hardy says no one carried him. Anderson says they have a big problem… their team doesn't have a name yet. Creatures of the Assholes. Assholes of the night. Enigmatic assholes! Jeff slaps Anderson hard on the back. Anderson calls Enigmatic Assholes! Jeff came in with the echo.

Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Beer Money out to the ring. Anderson out and puts his hand out, but was in the wrong spot. He announces himself, part of the Extreme Enigmatic Assholes and lets the fans say his name both times. Then Jeff Hardy out to join him.

Anderson and Roode start. Circle and lock up, break apart and circle again. 'Asshole' chants. Much grappling, then Storm tags in. Then Roode Tags on. Hardy tags in and they lock up. Side headlock on Jeff. Shoudler block to Jeff. Storm takes the tag and they double team. Jeff rolls to his corner quickly and they talk. Anderson gives Jeff advice. Storm tags in and Jeff's on him. Anderson tags in. They double team Storm. Roode rushes in and they double team him. Storm on Anderson in a corner. Anderson comes out punching. Anderson goes to run the ropes, but Roode pulls it down and Anderson flies out. Roode on Anderson outside. Anderson back in. Roode tags in and they double team, making a wish. Knee drop to Anderson and Roode pins for two. Storm tags in and more double teaming.

The fans chanting the spelling of asshole. Anderson finally manages to fight back and was able to tag out. Jeff slams Roode down hard but Storm Breaks the pin. Anderson in and sent out fast. Jeff spiked on his head, but was able to kick out. Roode yells at Jeff to get up. Storm about to kick Jeff, but Anderson pulls Storm out. Jeff climbs and hits a swanton. Jeff pins, but Storm pulls Slick out. Anderson's there and gets in trouble for it. Jeff works over Roode, but Storm in and takes Jeff down. Storm drags Roode over, gets out and tags in. Storm and Roode double teams Jeff. Anderson tries to help but Slick goes crazy, screeching at Anderson. Storm gets Jeff up, tries to get his legs in the ropes - didn't really happen - then hits a DDT for two.

Pin on Jeff, Anderson in to break the count. Double team on Jeff and they do their little chant. Roode taunts Anderson and the ref's distracted. Jeff gets a pin on Storm for two. Roode tags in and gets front facelock on Jeff. Jeff up and flies, but Roode isn't there. Jeff lands hard. Roode yells at Jeff that they're too smart. 'Hardy' chants. Jeff somehow hits a twist of fate. Anderson reaching for a tag. Anderson and Storm both in. Anderson's double teamed, but then takes Roode out, pins for two. Storm rushes over and Anderson moves so Storm nails Roode. Storm tossed out, Jeff flies out on him. Roode nails a spinebuster for two. Jeff breaks it up. Storm get Jeff up. Eye of the storm on Jeff.

Roode thinks Storm behind him, but it was Jeff. Anderson takes Roode down and gets the three! Anderson's eye is covered with blood.

Winners - Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy

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