TNA Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Sting

We get a video package for this match with comments from Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan and the two participants. Tenay and Taz run down the tale of the tape. Sting's music hits and we see him walking down towards the ring from the rafters. Sting brings his baseball bat and gets a nice reaction. We see the TNA World Heavyweight Champion walking backstage as he enters the arena. Rob Van Dam's music hits and out he comes to the ring. Jeremy Borash does the formal ring introductions and here we go.

They lock up. RVD is backed into a corner. Sting doesn't give a clean break, punch and a kick. Sting gets RVD out, beats on him, sends him over the barrier. RVD starts fighting back. Earl lands on his bum somehow. RVD sends Sting into the wall four times, then five! Sting down on one knee, holding the barrier. RVD bounces over the barrier. RVD calls his letters, bounces onto the barrier then drops a leg on Sting's back. Sting walks along the barrier and then RVD ht--s him a couple more times. RVD rushes Sting. RVD sent over the barrier - handstand on the barrier in the middle - then lands on his back. Sting goes over and starts throwing RVD into the wall. Twice and Sting had to move fans for more room. A third, then RVD dumped over the barrier. Punches back and forth. Then to the next corner of the barriers, then Sting slams RVD's face on the barrier. Back in the ring Sting stomps RVD. RVD facing out in a corner. Stinger splash, then another. RVD flops, Sting gets a two.

Chinlock on RVD. RVD elbows out. Exchanging punches. RVD jumps and kicks Sting in the chest with the back of both feet. Punches to Sting, then a clothesline, then another. RVD nails a superkick. RVD calls his letters again. Sting in a corner, RVD punches a couple time. Sting pushes out. Thrust kick to Sting. Split leg moonsault on Sting for two.

Sting back RVD into a corner and gains a bit of control. RVD up and flies. Earl's the one who catches the crossbody. Sting gets hi bat. A couple to the gut, one to the back, then one to the back of the leg. Then Jarrett stomps out. JJ behind Sting, grabs the bat, nails Sting with it! Bat to the jaw of Sting. JJ yells at RVD to cover him. Rolling thunder to Sting. RVD pins, Earl slowly counts, but Sting kicks out!

RVD goes after Sting who moves. RVD lands in the corner, tied up. Sting after RVD, but misses a splash. RVD takes Sting down and climbs. Five star frog splash and RVD pins. Earl counts slowly, but RVD get the three!

Winner - RVD

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