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On The Passing Of Grizzly Smith: The death of former pro wreslter Grizzly Smith at age 77 on Saturday did not come as a complete surprise as the once 350 pounder was allegedly down to 165 pounds upon his death of Alzheimer's related issues. Griz's last days on earth were not kind to him from what I am told. Grizzly was a giant of a man who stood approximately 6'10' and weighed in the 350 pound range for most of his career. Oklahoma promoter Lee Roy McGuirk did the 'challenger out of the crowd' storyline with Griz in the early 60's that allegedly gave the huge Texan, a former oil field roughneck, from Gainesville his first break.

On Bryan Danielson's Release: Bryan's release from WWE was a head scratcher but none of us likely know exactly what caused this matter to occur. I know that I don't. I do know that I am a fan of the young man's work and wouldn't be surprised to see him back in WWE in the future. If he made a mistake, hopefully it was simply a human error and those sorts of indiscretions are forgivable over time or at least they are in my eyes. BTW I am not going to sign any petitions demanding Bryan's return, stop the pain please, sent to this website and suggest that this exercise, no matter how magnanimous it may seem, is a waste of time. Nonetheless it's a free country so have at it. Bryan was arguably the most talked about, most talented guy on NXT's first season and I just don't think that we've seen the last of him in WWE and that is not 'official' but merely my opinion. Bryan can become a star in WWE and I hope that opportunity presents itself for this respectful, young man of high character who is deserving of all the good things that can come his way. Call me an optimist if you choose but I think that this matter will have a happy ending.

On Wrestling Announcing: Emailer...Yes announcing wrestling today is challenging and one has to serve many 'masters' and address many platforms. My biggest pet peeve are individuals who are 'playing the role' of an announcer and not being natural extensions of themselves. It seems as if I hear a fair amount of this from time to time but that might simply be me and my egocentric ears. Also, if any announcer is only trying to get better at their job only when they are at work then they are backing up to the pay window and are not 'emotionally invested' in their work. At least, that's my two cents.

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