According to, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer have earned full time roster spots on Smackdown. WWE also takes a shot at TNA. Here are what their bios state:

  • Hawkins - along with Vance Archer - was given a "limited SmackDown contract" by General Manager Theodore Long. The contract called for the two Superstars to do one thing, "make an impact." And over the next few weeks, that's exactly what they did. Demanding the attention of the WWE Universe through several acts of squared circle chaos, Hawkins & Archer earned a full SmackDown contract, opening the floodgates to a future of unlimited possibilities.

  • Vance Archer debuted on ECW n Syfy in November 2009, quickly making an impact in the Land of the Extreme. Before becoming an ECW Superstar, Archer was a quarterback at Texas State University. Later, he competed in several regional wrestling promotions in Texas and Florida and then Japan before finally being discovered and signed by ECW General Manager Tiffany.

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