Source: PWInsider

Tommy Dreamer is scheduled for both sets of TNA iMPACT! tapings this week. There is no official word on if he signed a deal or not, but it is believed that one is about to happen. Dixie Carter wanted Dreamer to join the company, and personally reached out to him. As of now, Dreamer is only scheduled to be an on air talent, but many hope that he can transition into a backstage role, similar to what he did with ECW and WWE.

As far as Dreamer's name goes, since Dreamer has been using the "Tommy Dreamer" gimmick since before ECW, WWE will not be able to lay intellectual claim on the name like they did with the Dudley Boyz several years ago.

While some people have been complaining about Dreamer being the big surprise, you have to remember that Dixie Carter stated that she had a "nice surprise" for the PPV, and that the "big game-changing deal for the company" wouldn't be something that was announced at the PPV or happened right away.

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