Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, June 14th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C.
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"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

We kick things off with a recap of Cena beat down by the NXT rookies (Yes, Daniel Bryan was shown at various points of the video, including his kick to Cena's head).

-We see Wade Barrett in the ring now. Loud "You Suck" chant. He says that his name is Wade Barrett. He is the Season 1 winner of NXT. The reason he's in the ring is because the general manager of Raw demanded that he apologize for his actions last week. What he wants to do is invite down the rest of the NXT athletes. They all come out through the crowd (no Bryan). Lawler and Cole leave the announce table, and them and the rest of the crew walk out through the crowd. Barrett tells Slater to apologize. He says absolutely not. He would do it again in a heartbeat. Barrett tells Gabriel to. He says never and that he still has goosebumps from what they did last week. He tells Sheffield to. He says no apologizes, no regrets. Tarver says no one in the WWE can make him apologize. Darren Young says he had the time of his life last week. Otunga says apologize for what. He thinks they (everyone else) should apologize to them (the rookies). Barrett says the problem with NXT was that they were treated like dirt. When you treat people like animals, they're going to start to behave like animals. They were made to compete in ridiculous challenges. They were at the mercy of overzealous WWE pros. Worst of all, they had WWE management. They changed the rules on a moments notice, and eliminated them on a whim, and they tried to make an international joke out of all of them. He didn't see anyone laughing after Raw last week. They destroyed the ring, destroyed the champion and impressed everyone who was watching them. Here comes the Hitman.

Bret says they look pretty proud of themselves. 8 guys on 1 doesn't make them tough, it makes them cowards. Last week, they attacked Cena, CM Punk and beat up the SES, beat up security, the ring announcer, time keeper and man-handled a legend. Barrett says Daniel Bryan had some remorse too. They'll never ever see Daniel Bryan again. He asks Bret what's his point. Bret says that John Cena will be at the PPV this Sunday. Was that ever in question? Barrett says that has nothing to do with Cena, just them and WWE management. Beside from a few NXT pros, they haven't got a single problem with a person in the WWE locker room. They could argue all night, but he thinks they need to get down to business. Barrett has a WWE contract and title opportunity at a PPV of his choosing. The other members have demands of their own. Bret asks what they are. Otunga says they all want guaranteed WWE contracts. They want their own private dressing rooms, and of course, 1st class travel accomodations. If Bret fails to comply with any of the demands, well last week was just the beginning. Barrett reminds Bret that two weeks ago, Vince informed Bret that he would have some difficult decisions to make. This decision is easy to make. These men could be the future of the company. They're ready to fight. All they need is a contract. Bret says he's right about that. But with that in mind, his answer is no. He's not going to sign any of the guys. Barrett says he's making a big mistake. Bret says Barrett made a mistake when he attacked Cena on Raw last week. On account of Barrett's actions, he's no longer the new breakout star of NXT, and he doesn't have his title shot. Why? Because he's FIRED!!! Bret then tells the rest of them to get out of the ring or he'll have them physically removed by the police. We head to commercial as the rookies look pissed.

-We're back and Cole and Lawler are back at the announce table as they show us the highlights of the previous segment. They then hype up the Fatal Four Way main event for Fatal Four Way. And we're gonna get one right now.

Match 1 : R-Truth(C) vs John Morrison vs Zack Ryder vs The Miz - Fatal Four Way match - United States Championship

We've been waiting for this moment for years. ZACK RYDER TITLE SHOT!

Ryder and Morrison go at it while Truth and Miz go at it. Morrison throws Ryder to the outside. Flying leg kick by Morrison to Miz. Morrison and Truth are along in the ring. Headlock by Truth. Morrison pushes him off, ducks under, and Truth counters a hip toss into a roll up. Ryder breaks up the pin. Miz trips Truth's leg but gets kicked. Ryder goes over the top, but nobodies there. Miz with a boot to Truth. Morrison kicks Miz on the apron. SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! He sent him flying into Miz. Morrison poses to the crowd as we head to commercial.

We're back and Miz and Morrison are in the ring. Huge kick by Morrison drills Miz. 1...2...2.9342! Another cover but only two. Ryder goes to the top but Morrison takes him out. Morrison goes for a superplex, but Ryder holds on. Ruth runs in and TOWER OF DOOM!! Ryder came crashing down on Miz. Truth working on Miz in the corner. Truth just taking it to everyone. Truth Conviction connects to Morrison. Axe kick drills Ryder. He covers but Miz breaks it up. Miz lowbridges Truth, sending him to the outside. Baseball slide by Miz sends Morrison to the outside. Miz goes for the clothesline on Ryder in the corner, and it connects. Morrison pulls Miz to the outside and kills him with a clothesline. Truth rolls back into the ring. Lie Detector connects. Pin but Morrison breaks it up. Morrison and Truth both toss Miz over the top. Flying Chuck misses Truth. Truth or Consequences kills Morrison. Pin but Ryder breaks it up. Ryder avoids Truth in the corner and hits the Rough Rider. Pin but Morrison breaks it up with a knee to Ryder. Morrison sets Truth up for the Starship Pain. He drills him. Miz sends Morrison to the outside. Miz covers and it's over!

Winner : The Miz (This was your average Four Way match, where one wrestler hits a move and another breaks it up, and then hits his move and another wrestler breaks up the pin, and so on. Still, this was an alright match, but too short to be anything better)

Miz celebrates with the belt as Morrison looks upset.

-Tonight we're gonna see Orton and Sheamus face off in the main event.

-We see Orton in the back. Matthews asks him for an update on his shoulder. Orton says anything can happen in a Four Way match. But he's predicting that this Sunday, another title will change hands. About his shoudler, he says to wait, watch and see what he does to Sheamus. Josh asks him on his thoughts of the NXT beatdown last week. Part of Orton respects what the NXT group did. If anyone knows about making an impact to make a point, it's him. But part of him thinks they're punks. They either deserved to be fired or have their brains beaten in. Considering they only got fired, they got off lucky.

-Mark Feurestein and Big Show are the guest hosts for tonight. We get a video of a behind the scenes thing of Royal Pains, hyping up the episode where Big Show guest stars. We now see Feurestein in the back with the Bella's. He pimps up the show. He says the Bella's are cute and that they'd be great on Royal Pains, saying they could be the Hank Med. twins. Dibiase interrputs. He says there could be a brand new shiny car waiting for Mark if he makes him co-guest host. Mark says he has integrity, and the answer is no. Ted says he's not asking. Mark says he loves the fact that he is guest hosting Raw, and while he would love to let him co-guest host (Big Show shows up), there's no chance. He starts making fun of Dibiase. Show asks Ted if he's looking for trouble. He says it's going to be Mark and Show vs Virgil and Dibiase in a tag match. Dibiase accepts. Show and Mark joke around. The Bella's are still there, and walk off.

-We see Cena in the back (huge crowd reaction for that) as he's walking out to the ring. We'll hear from him when we come back.

-We get highlights of the Big Show/Chris Jericho body slam challenge from last week. And here comes Jericho himself.

Match 2 : Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne

This could be one awesome match if given time.

Jericho with a kick to the gut and he takes control with the forearms. Bourne hits a running hurricanarana. Drop toe hold and dropkick to the head follow. Pin but only two. Bourne runs off the ropes but eats a clothesline. Jericho with a back suplex. He starts choking Bourne in the ropes. Hope he doesn't get fired. Katitajima by Jericho. Bourne fights out but it's not enough. Jericho with a forearm to the back. Bourne flips out of a back suplex and hits the kick. Running kick by Bourne connects. Sunset flip attempt, but Jericho rolls through for the Walls. Bourne counters and gets a modified roll up, but Jericho kicks out. CODEBREAKER!! 1...2...2.9654!! WTF! Jericho with the shots to Bourne. He pushes the ref off and doesn't stop. The ref rings the bell.

Winner : Evan Bourne (I wish these two got time. What we got was alright for a 3 minute match though. I don't quite agree with Bourne kicking out of the Codebreaker as a rope break would've worked just fine, but whatever)

Jericho's complaining to the ref. He's not done yet. He slaps Bourne, but gets nailed with a kick. Bourne goes to the top. AIR BOURNE!!

-We're back, and here comes Cena. He's got that super serious look on his face. We get a recap of the NXT rookies getting fired. He says he was given the night off, and thanks Hart for having his best interest in mind. He believes his best interest though is to handle things the only way he knows how. He also thanks him for how he handled this group of radicals. There's a portion of him that admires what they did last week though, as desperate times call for desperate measures. They needed to make a statement and they needed a target. No one makes a bigger target than the WWE Champion. Their plan was almost brilliant, but their genius was blinded by their ignorance. Their problem was with WWE management, and they decided to take it away from the fans. They destroyed the ring. That's considered sacred ground. Every superstar wants their heads on a plate. Barrett was fired, but it won't fix the problem. Cena hopes and prays they're still watching. He's going to be at Fatal Four Way, he'll be on Raw after Fatal Four Way, and he's going to demand they come out and finish this. They have nothing to lose. Cena promises to not press charges. Cena looks into the crowd, and here come the rookies.

Cena says they took the target of their back and onto his head. King gets into the ring, Lawler, Regal, Truth, Santino too. They come in and here we go. BAW GAWD!! It's chaos. Mark Henry comes out too. Here comes Orton. Edge spears one of them. Here comes Sheamus with a pipe. The rookies bail out though the crowd as they get chased by some of the wrestlers. Amazing how Mark Henry is in the lead to catching them. We see them run out through the streets as we head to commercial.

-We're back and we get a recap of the events that just happened. We now see Sheamus walking in the back. He says if he thinks he's going to let a bunch of rookies ruin his title match, he's got another thing coming fella. If anyone's going to take out Cena, it's going to be him.

-We get a recap of the Diva Battle Royal from last week.

Match 3 : Diva's Champion Eve and Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox and Maryse

Eve will face Gail Kim, Maryse and Alicia Fox at Fatal Four Way in a... that's right, Fatal Four Way match.

Maryse and Eve start off. Maryse with the forearms. Eve kicks her in the gut and slams her to the mat. Alicia distracts Eve. Maryse hits the French TKO. Pin but only two. Alicia gets the tag, and they hit a double forward russian leg sweep. Pin but only two. Northern light suplex connects, but only two on the pin. Alicia drives her knee into Eve's face. She now locks in a sleeper. Eve tries to fight out but can't. Tag to Maryse. She taunts Eve and throws her into the mat. She tags in Alicia now. Double teaming in the corner by the heels. Alicia gives Maryse a boot by accident. Swinging neckbreaker by Eve. Three count and it's over.

Winners : Eve and Gail Kim (Uh.. alright. So Gail doesn't get involved at all. Whatever. This match sucked)

Gail hands the belt to Eve and they raise their hands in victory.

-Cole and Lawler hype up the Fatal Four Way card. Miz vs R-Truth has been added to the card.

-Cena has requested that he compete tonight, so Cena and Orton are going to face Edge and Sheamus in the main event now.

-Mark Feurestein's getting ready for his match with Big Show in the back as we head to commercial.

-Big Show comes out to the ring and introduces his best friend, Mark "The Main Event" Feuerstein!

Match 4 : Big Show and Mark Feuerstein vs Virgil and Million Dollar Champion Ted Dibiase

Show and Dibiase start. Dibiase with a rear waiast lock. Show breaks the grip and but rams Ted. Heabutt by Show. STINK FACE!! Huge chop by Show in the corner. And again. He goes for it again, but Ted pokes him in the eyes. Right hands by Ted, and he locks in a front headlock. Show lifts him off the ground and throws him. Ted tags in Virgil. Show hip tosses him into the ring. Virgil rolls to the outside. Mark grabs him and throws him back in. Slam by Show, and he then walks on him. Show throws Virgil in the corner. He rips off his body armor and chops him. Virgil gets goozled. Chokeslam connects. Show tags in Mark. Wait. Could it be. THE WORM!? Well, it was an elbow drop that was horribly botched, but it still got the win.

Winners : Big Show and Mark Feuerstein (What did you expect?)

Mark and Show walk off. Dibiase takes a hundred dollar bill and shoves it in Virgil's mouth, saying that "this is for my old man". He then takes the hundred back and walks off with the belt.

-Toby Mac's "Showstopper" is the official theme for Fatal Four Way.

Match 5 : Santino Marella vs William Regal - Special Guest Referee Vladimir Kozlov

Santino goes for some weak spin kicks, none of which are close to connecting. Forearm by Regal. He drops a knee into the arm. Big arm wringer by Regal. FUJIWAJA!! He lets it go and locks in a hammerlock. Santino counters, but Regal counters, but Santino counters that into a roll up for the win.

Winner : Santino Marella (Whatever)

Regal starts arguing with Kozlov. Here comes Bret Hart. He tells the three guys to get on the stage with him. He's asked every WWE superstar to come on the stage, because he doesn't want history to repeat itself again. The 3 guys get on the stage, and the rest of the locker room comes out too. Apparently they're out there to make sure that no one interferes in the main event. We have our tag team main event up next as we head to commercial.

Match 6 : Edge and Sheamus vs Randy Orton and WWE Champion John Cena

Back from the break and the entire RAW roster is on the stage. Out first comes Edge followed by his partner Sheamus. Out first for his team comes Randy Orton to a nice reaction. Finally out comes the WWE Champion John Cena to a big pop. Mark Henry and The Great Khali salute Cena as he stops on the stage. Cena starts the match off with Sheamus.

Cena puts a headlock on Sheamus and they go to the mat. Sheamus gets to the ropes and Cena has to break the hold. Sheamus goes for a kick but Cena dodges it. Cena applies a full nelson but Sheamus gets to the ropes. Cena tags in Orton and Orton kicks Sheamus in the gut and applies a headlock of his own. Orton takes Sheamus to the mat hard. Sheamus comes back and knocks Orton into the corner. Edge is tagged in now. Edge works Orton over until Orton fights back. Orton goes for the RKO but Edge counters and slides out to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Cena is going at it with Edge. Cena with a fisherman's suplex and a 2 count. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Edge counters and misses a clothesline. Cena clotheslines Edge and goes for a cover but Edge is on the ropes. Cena knocks Edge out to the floor. Edge comes back in and drops Cena's neck over the ropes. Edge tags in Sheamus for a bit of double teaming. Sheamus stomps away on Cena now. Sheamus drops Cena with a right hand for a 2 count. Sheamus hits a running knee to Cena's jaw and lays him out. Sheamus distracts the ref while Edge chokes Cena. Sheamus stomps on Cena in the corner now and tags back in Edge.

Edge continues the attack on Cena. Cena counters a suplex and hits a suplex of his own on Edge. Sheamus is tagged in again. He stops Cena from tagging in Orton. Sheamus chops Cena in the chest on the apron and Cena falls to the floor. The referee is distracted as Edge stomps Cena on the floor. Sheamus comes out and rams Cena back into the fan barrier. Sheamus brings Cena back into the ring and covers him for a 2 count. Sheamus hits Cena with a big clothesline for another 2 count. Sheamus applies an arm submission now but Cena fights back to his feet. Sheamus tightens the hold and drops to the mat with his arms locked around Cena's neck. Cena gets to his feet with Sheamus on his back. Cena walks to Orton with Sheamus on his back but can't make it as Sheamus drops back to the mat for a 2 count. Edge comes in. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Edge counters it. Edge gets ready for a spear now. Edge charges but Cena moves out of the way and Edge hits the turnbuckle. Sheamus and Orton come in at the same time. Orton with clotheslines and a big scoop slam. Orton kicks Sheamus and brings him back into the ring with the second rope DDT. Edge comes from behind on Orton but Orton hits the RKO on him. Orton turns around to a big kick to the face from Sheamus. Sheamus with a big backbreaker on Orton and a 2 count.

Sheamus drops knees on Orton now as the crowd chants RKO. Orton tries to fight back but Sheamus knocks him to the mat for another 2 count. Sheamus drags Orton back to the corner and tags in Edge for some double teaming. Edge wails away on Orton with right hands. Edge stomps and drops knees on Orton. Orton fights back on Sheamus and Edge. Sheamus hits the floor. Edge drops Orton and continues hitting him with rights. Orton finally tags in Cena and here he comes. The camera cuts backstage where the NXT Rookies are destroying everything. Barrett and Sheffield drag Bret Hart over. Otunga rips his shirt off. They load Bret into a black limousine and tell it to drive off. The limo speeds out in reverse, crashing into another limousine. The limo backs up and hits another limousine. It continues to back up and smash another car. The limo stops and the Rookies open the door, yelling at Bret. They tell the car to start again. It speeds up and continues to ram into other cars. The Rookies drag Bret out of the limousine and set him on the ground. Wade Barrett says they want an answer by Sunday about their contracts. The Rookies run off. RAW goes off the air with Bret Hart laid out up against the crashed limousine.

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