-- According to the Charleston Daily Mail, the 2-year-old girl remains hospitalized after being "choke-slammed" onto a bed by two men claiming that they were performing wrestling moves on the girl. The girl was brought to the emergency room by her mother last Wednesday, and suffered a spiral fracture to her right leg and had several bruises on her face, torso and buttocks. Surgery to repair damage to her leg has been reported to go well, and she is moving around a little more than she was. The girls mother first claimed that the girl fell off of the bed, but when hospital staff got suspicious of the injuries, she admitted that her friends, Andrew Lee Young, 24, and James Andrew Miller, 22, who were staying with her were performing wrestling moves on the girl. Both Miller and Young have been charged with child neglect and are being held on $100,000 bail each. It has not been determined if the mother will be charged or not, but the 2-year-old girl will be taken into protective custody and not released to her mother when recovered. The mother had previously been convicted of child neglect in the case of her three-year old daughter. That child is currently in the care of her father. Unreal.

-- The 2010 WWE Summerslam event will be released on DVD on September 21st. The show may be released on Blu-Ray as well.

-- WWE officials are already meeting and working with Atlanta city officials to plan events for next year's WrestleMania event.

-- Jinder Mahal and Referee Ryan Tran have been added to the Florida Championship Wrestling roster.

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