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-- Brutus Magnus was around for Slammiversary weekend and will wrestle on iMPACT! this week.

-- The July 2nd TNA house show in Brooklyn, New York is close to 3,000 in ticket sales. The Brooklyn Cyclones, part of the New York Mets organization, have been hyping the event big time at their games as well as at New York Mets games. If you purchase a ticket for the TNA show, you also get a ticket for a Cyclones game later in the summer. As of now, the plan is to set the ring up around home plate and for the show to conclude in time for the weekly summer tradition of Friday night fireworks on Coney Island. Several TAN workers who have never worked that area are hoping that they get to work the show.

-- As noted yesterday here on the website, TNA is planning a major return to the New York market in the fall.

-- The reason that the company made some changes to the Xplsion announce teams was to freshen up the show. The show airs in many international TV outlets.

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