TNA taped next week's iMPACT in Orlando tonight. Here are full spoilers:


* SoCal Val is ring announcer, Jeremy Borash and Taz on commentary.

* Daffney vs. Sarita. Winner via a figure four reversal into a small package, Daffney. After the match Sarita attacked her. Taylor ran down and stopped her. Then Daffney attacked both and sent them packing.

* Homicide vs. Rob Terry. Winner via one handed spinebuster, Rob Terry. Brutus Magnus ran in afterwards and gave Terry a neckbreaker. Magnus posed with the Global title and left. I'm told the match was terrible and Homicide didn't help Terry at all.

iMPACT, Airing June 24th:

* Hulk Hogan is out. He has a lot of business at hand. First, due to the count out in last week's main event, it's now a four-way for the title at the PPV. Hogan is then interrupted by Abyss. He comes to the ring and Hogan says he was about to talk about him. He asks Abyss where he's going with this thing after the sharp left turn? Abyss says he did it because they told me to. They told me to attack Hardy and Anderson. They told him to unleash on them. He said when they come no one will be able to stop them, not Dixie Carter, not Eric Bischoff and not even the immortal Hulk Hogan. Hogan asks who they are and Abyss says he knows who they are and everyone will soon find out. Abyss doesn't need anybody but them and doesn't need the stupid jacket. Hogan says all they need is the fans, Abyss says he doesn't need these sheep and one last thing he doesn't need is this stupid ring! Abyss then chokes Hogan and shoves the ring down his throat. He then empties a bag of glass but RVD makes the save. During their brawl Abyss powerbombs RVD. Mr. Anderson runs down with a chair and whacks Abyss. Abyss punches the chair away and everybody bails.

* Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky are in the bathroom. Madison is mocking Lacey being used to being on her back while Velvet is concerned. Madison tells Velvet to snap out of it because Angelina is coming after them and her title.

* Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky. Angelina Love got DQed for DDTing Velvet on the chair. After the match Madison Rayne came down the ramp and mocked Angelina with the title and said she'd never get it from her.

* Matt Morgan is out. He hates to say it but he told ya so. He told us that he was walking out of Slammiversary victorious. He doesn't sweat Hernandez and to prove it he's calling Hernandez out right now. Hernandez doesn't come out so Morgan continues talking smack. Eventually Homicide runs out and attacks Morgan. Morgan gets the upper hand and gives him the boot against the ringpost that put Hernandez out for months.

* Backstage, Flair and AJ Styles are arguing about Jay Lethal. Flair told AJ to zip it and that he needs to handle it.

* Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal. Winner via Lethal Neckbreaker, Jay Lethal. Flair comes on the big screen and is beating up Jay Lethal's brother and mocks him.

* Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting. Jarrett went after Sting in the rafters but it turned out to be a fake Sting. The real Sting was waiting for Jarrett and used the bat to choke and beat up Jarrett. Sting gets on the mic and tells Jarrett if you're going to walk with them, you're going to go down with them and then leaves.

* Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. Kurt Angle. Winner via ankle lock, Kurt Angle. Angle afterwards put up eight fingers to signal the #8 contender is next. Chelsea left Desmond in the ring and didn't wait for him.

* Douglas Williams comes out. He says Brian Kendrick probably said he was inspired by his third eye or some other foolishness for why he choked him out. Williams will now have to give the X Division a lesson in professionalism. He challenges Kendrick right now to come out and face him. Kendrick comes out and gets on the mic. He is complimentary of Douglas (which he keeps calling him). Kendrick mocks him by speaking very professionally while throwing in some of his "spiritual claptrap". Williams says to stop with the jokes and he's done here. Kendrick then chokes Williams out again and leaves.

* The Motor City Machine Guns come out and join commentary.

* Backstage, they show Shannon Moore attacking Brother Ray. A knocked out Jesse Neal is nearby. Devon and security break it up. Devon holds Ray back and yells at him about how he embarrassed him already last week and needs to stop this.

* For the shot against The Motor City Machine Guns at Victory Road, Beer Money, Inc. vs. Ink Inc. Shannon Moore comes to the ring by himself because of what just happened backstage. During the match, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richard and Raven come out in the crowd and sit in the bleachers. Also during the match, Jesse Neal comes out but is obviously still hurt. Winner via Keg Tap on Jesse Neal, Beer Money, Inc. The ECW guys left after the match.

* Falls Count Anywhere Match, Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson. The ECW guys came back at some point and are in the bleachers. Winner after being thrown into a chair and the torture rack backbreaker, Abyss. After the match, Abyss chokeslammed Anderson off the stage through a table Hogan comes out with a chair and hits Abyss with it but Abyss no sells it. Security gets in between them and stops it from escalating. Abyss threw a couple security guys in the process.

Dark Matches:

* Okada vs. Eric Young. Winner via piledriver, Eric Young.

* Mia Yim vs. Taylor Wilde. Winner via northern lights suplex with a bridge, Taylor Wilde.

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