WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsbarbq.com with a response to the rumor that Linda McMahon's senate campaign was the mysterious "powerful figure" that demanded WWE take action against Bryan Danielson after the NXT invasion angle. Ross wrote:

"More specifically this unknown, unidentified person even went so far as to say that Bryan's termination was dictated by the someone of authority in the campaign. First of all, if you knew Vince McMahon as I do you would know immediately how ridiculous that theory was. McMahon taking orders from some outsider? Right.

"I've heard some BS in my life and my share of conspiracy theories during my 4 decades in the wrestling business but this one ranks right up there with some of the stupidest theories I've ever heard... In all the years that I worked in the front office of WWE never once did Linda attend a booking meeting, discuss with me or my group who was being fired or hired or what was going to happen on TV.

"When she appeared on TV as a character on a fictional show, for the record, she played a role that was written for her. She was never overjoyed, as I recall, about being on TV in the first place much less when she had to kick me south of the belt line one faithful night in Corpus Christi. She did not like the assignment and neither did I but we both did our jobs as we were produced to do. It was show biz plain and simple."

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