Source: The Associated Press

The Associated Press is reporting today that Martha Hart, Owen Hart's widow, is suing WWE and its leaders, include Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon. Hart contends that the organization has continued to use Owen Hart's image and likeness despite agreeing to stop after Hart's tragic death in 1999.

"In the 11 years since Owen's tragic and avoidable death, I have worked tirelessly to disassociate Owen's name and likeness from anything related to WWE in order to protect our children from any reminder of the circumstances surrounding their father's death, and to avoid any misplaced perception that I endorse WWE," Hart said in a statement.

Owen Hart died at the WWE Over The Edge pay-per-view on May 23, 1999 when he fell 78 feet due to an equipment malfunction during his entrance from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

His family sued the WWE and the manufacturer of the harness system, alleging that the stunt was dangerous and poorly planned and that the harness system was defective. The lawsuit was settled in 2000, with Martha Hart agreeing to a $18 million settlement.

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