-- Linda McMahon is angry that Rob Simmons is still on the Connecticut Senatorial ballot, according to a story you can read at hotlineoncall.nationaljournal.com

-- A story about Kofi Kingston and who he watched growing up is available at telegram.com

-- WWE's July 10 house show in Chattanooga, TN has been changed to a January 14 RAW broadcast.

-- A review of Rob Van Dam and Batista in Wrong Side of Town is available at geeksofdoom.com Among other lines suggesting the film was not very good, the reviewer said "You could have more fun sitting in a waiting room before you get a vasectomy."

-- Trish Stratus is playing in the Rod Black Celebrity Softball Classic for Plan Canada tomorrow in Brampton, ON at 11:30AM at the Sesqui-Centenniel Park. Trish will join sportscasters from the area and some former NHL and CFL stars.

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