Jim Ross has answered some questions on his blog, the highlights of which are below:

On the best wrestler of the 70s: Tough one. Likely no right answer. What determines 'best?' Box office...in ring bilities...accomplishments...professionalism. My short list would include Bruno, Backlund, Race, Brisco, and the Funks. Again, this one is so difficult to answer as the 70's featured so many more great in ring talents than exist today.

On Batista in MMA: I have my doubts that Dave Batista will ever have a MMA fight but obviously that's simply an opinion. I personally feel Dave's upside at this stage of his game is to pursue a movie career or heal, rest and go back to WWE. Obviously, a Batista vs. Herschel Walker MMA fight would likely do a decent TV rating for CBS/Showtime simply out of curiosity. I don't see Batista ever fighting Bobby Lashley either but that too would be a interesting TV attraction but likely would be panned by MMA purists.

On Michael Jackson: Was I a Michael Jackson fan? yes, I was a fan of the man's talent. His family followed WWE because when my wife visited Neverland Ranch the Jackson kids asked if I was o.k. after being 'set on fire' by Kane. In hindsight, I wish I had accepted the invitation to attend the function at Neverland as well. Wife Jan loved it and gave Mrs. Jackson some BBQ Sauce.

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