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-- Kelly Kelly was cleared to wrestle on tonight's house show in Worcester, MA, so the injury sustained last night was clearly not that serious.

-- On this week's episode of TNA Xplosion, which airs internationally, a backstage segment ran teasing dissension between Sarita and Taylor Wilde. During the segment, Sarita is seen sulking on a bench in the women's locker room with her Tag Team partner inquiring why she's upset. Sarita says she was supposed to be in a tag match 'tonight', but found out she was scratched from the card. Wilde then assures Sarita that her match against Daffney which takes place later in the show was merely a 'luck of the draw'. Sarita expresses more displeasure, indicating they've lost traction since losing the Knockout Tag Team Championship and that she wanted 'tonight' to be the starting point to get back to the top. Wilde says she needs her support and what's good for her is good for Sarita. Sarita them mumbles in Spanish before the segment concludes. Daffney was originally declared the winner of her Xplosion match with Wilde, but Sarita protested the referee's decision, informing him that she used an illegal object. Referee Andrew Thomas searches Daffney and finds a chain, calling for the match to be restarted. The match concludes when Sarita trips Daffney from the outside, allowing Wilde to roll her up for the pin.

-- Here's a report on Bryan Danielson's appearance for CHIKARA last night in Taylor, MI. Report courtesy Chris and PWInsider: I attended the Chikara show in Taylor, MI last night. The announcer was really hard to understand so I missed a lot of the names for the Chikara guys. After the show my girlfriend looked at me and said "that was better than the crap we watch on TV" and I have to agree. Bryan Danielson wrestles right after intermission and had a hard hitting match with Eddie Kingston. They kept it pretty mat based with some strong style moments but a very low risk bout that ended with Danielson winning with a roll up after Claudio came out to distract Eddie. At first the music for Danielson was a spoof of the NXT song but quickly changed to 'Final Countdown'. Not a single person was sitting (they had to add about 100-120 chairs as about 300-350 people showed up) as Danielson looked to be truly moved. Then as he hit the ring about 100 ties flew through air like streamers just engulfing the ring. You could tell this reaction and the rain of ties really got to Danielson. After the match Kingston called Danielson 'one of the best, not just in the indies but in all of wrestling'. Then Danielson got on the mic and said he couldn't really comment on the release but for his first night back this was perfect. He said he doesn't know how his life or career will go but while he is here he wants to bring more attention to Indy wrestling. He then went on a "this is PG" rant about hard mat wrestling and people busting their humps in these rings. He then said Chikara does 'PG wrestling' better than anyone. Finally, before he left he said after the show he would sign and meet anyone in the back. Right after the show, he did meet everyone. He had the "Violent" T-shirt for sale and photos but you didn't need to buy a thing. He signed tons of ties including a Vince McMahon tie. He took photos with everyone. I was one of the last in line because half the crowd got up during the finish of the main event to get in line (kind of disrespectful to 8 really good wrestlers who put on a great main). Even being maybe the 200th person he met that night he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He joked with my girlfriend and took photos with us. Just a class act all around and we need more people like Bryan Danielson in the world just in general and not just pro wrestling. Side note: Tim Donst vs. Frightmare was match of the night. Both told an amazing story and when Tim wouldn't break a hold the ref counted him and when he released he said "I've got five ref" which was instant heat from the crowd. To set up Donst vs. Danielson in Cleveland today they had Tim use a tie to choke out Frightmare and the hide the tie in a sleeper hold until Frightmare passed out and the ref did the three arm drop. Really, Really good stuff.

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