-- Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter yesterday concerning Bryan Danielson: "Daniel bryan became relevant in 13 wks which is a big win. Sure hope wwe gives Bryan a 2nd chance some day. The kid has 'it.' Size non issue."

-- As noted earler, Bryan Danielson returned to action at Saturday night's CHIKARA Pro event in Taylor, Michigan, defeating Eddie Kingston with a roll-up. Following the bout, Danielson spoke on the microphone to discuss his future. The transcript of his speech is as follows: "I just want you guys to know - I can't say a lot about what's going on right now - but, when I came through that curtain and all of you people cheered and all of you people cared and all of you people cared enough to bring ties, it made me feel good," Danielson said. "I don't know what's going to happen with my career, but for the next little while while I'm on the independents, I have one goal and one goal in mind - to bring more people to independent wrestling. Let me tell you about PG wrestling. CHIKARA does it at its very best. I kicked Eddie Kingston as long as I possibly could and that was PG. People came out here and mat wrestled as hard as they could and that was PG. When guys come out here and wrestle as hard as they can, that is still PG." We posted the video here on the website yesterday.

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