-- Rob Zombie posted the following to his Twitter today... "Planning some big crazy s--t for RAW this monday! Dig it!"

-- Chris Benoit is referenced in ESPN's story about former NFL wide receiver Chris Henry having a damaged brain.

-- The Chicago Sun Times has a story up which features quotes from former WWE announcer Mike Adamle about the damage done to his brain as a result of playing football, noting he still has seizures sometimes. "I have epilepsy from lesions on the left hemisphere of my brain. Scar tissue up there. From football. Neurologist Richard Rovenor, from Northwestern Memorial, diagnosed it and probably saved my life. I went to his funeral recently, and I shoveled dirt on his casket. He was a guy who knew about football, a wonderful man. He helped me so much, and I miss him."

-- BloggingStocks.com has a story up on WWE stock's dividend making it worth buying.

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