Here's a live report of what happened after Monday's WWE RAW went off the air:

WWE Champion Sheamus wrestled John Cena to a no-contest. Sheamus grabbed the mic and called out Cena, saying he won't even make it to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Cena ran out to a huge pop from the crowd. Sheamus attacked Cena before bell and then went for several pin attempts.

Sheamus was in control for most of the match, not even letting Cena get his shirt off during the beatdown. Cena was on the match for nine seconds and got up just before the referee could count him out. Cena tore off his shirt and went crazy. He hit two shoulder blocks, the five knuckle shuffle and went for an Attitude Adjustment, which Sheamus blocked.

Cena was able to lock in the STF when the Nexus came out and interfered. The entire RAW locker room, including Randy Orton, The Usos, William Regal, The Miz, Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella, among others came out and chased off the Nexus crew. Cena's music played and he and Orton celebrated to end the show.

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