-- Part of the reason why Linda McMahon has embraced her wrestling background in her latest political ad is because her opponent Richard Blumenthal has come out attacking her links to WWE. For more on this, go to huffingtonpost.com

-- According to Paul Heyman, he, Jim Ross, Steve Austin, The Rock, and Goldberg will all be at UFC 116 tomorrow night in Las Vegas to watch Brock Lesnar fight.

-- Alex Riley had the back of his head busted open last night at FCW TV tapings during a match with Kaval. Riley suffered the injury when Kaval whipped him into the guardrail. The match was called off.

-- Kurt Angle and Madison Rayne were on WFAN's morning show today. Angle spoke about the drug testing in TNA and WWE and said everybody was drug free. Reports say that Kurt was "kissing Vince's ass" throughout.

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