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-- The Undertaker's former manager, Paul Bearer, recently resurfaced under the guise of his alternate wrestling persona, Percy Pringle III. Promoting his managerial appearance for the National Wrestling Alliance in a video promo, Pringle makes an inside reference to his WWE character being killed off, saying, "And now I'm back. After a long, long absence. Yes, some say I've risen from the grave. Oh yes indeed!" To view his promo, go to

-- The Wall Street Journal has an article up about Linda McMahon and the Connecticut political race. In the story Mindy Myers, campaign manager for Richard Blumenthal, had this to say: "That experience (Linda's in business) involves marketing violence, sex and abusive treatment of women--aimed especially at children--while turning her back on steroid abuse." Linda had this to say in response: "It's more important to look at where you are today and how you reacted to those issues as they became apparent to you, and the changes that you made and how you adapted and made things better. Because, isn't that what you want to do in business, in government and in your daily life?"

-- WFX in Winnipeg is running a show Wednesday with a main event of Jessie Goderz (Big Brother) and Jonny Fairplay (Survivor) and a mystery partner against Rupert Boneham (Survivor), U-Gene (Nick Dinsmore) and Bushwhacker Luke. Yup. Kip James, Charlie Haas, Bob Holly, Hurricane Helms and Larry Zbyszko are also on the card. Yup.

-- Carlito is talking about wrestling three mystery opponents on the July 11th WWC Aniversario card. Savio Vega is claiming he won't be at the show, and in the past has had nothing good to say about the promotion, but rumors have started that he will face Carlito as TNT. Vega wrestled as TNT in WWC in the 80s.

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