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-- On July 31st, Abyss and former TNA star Scott Steiner will each appear as Grand Marshals of the Ohio State Fair parade. They will also be working an NWA event in the area that night. Shark Boy, NWA champ Adam Pearce and former TNA and WWE referee Mike Posey will also appear.

-- The Kansas City based Metro Pro Wrestling has already shut down. The promotion ran one show, taping three hours of TV for a slot that was set for "several local Comcast and Time-Warner systems." The company's official website and Facebook page have been shut down, and a number of wrestlers that worked the first show were informed that the project was finished. Former WWE creative team member Chris Gough headed up the project, in an effort to build a viable local independent. Dave Marquez worked production and ring announcing for the company. The owners of Memorial Hall were reportedly, "heavily involved with the financial end of the first taping," which drew disappointing numbers and ran too long as an event. The roster for the first set of tapings featured Trevor Murdoch, Tommy Dreamer, NWA champion Adam Pearce, Angel Medina of the ECW Baldies, Michael Strider, Mark Sterling, Jeremy Wyatt, Brett Young, Steve Girthy, Steve Fender, Derek Stone, Paul Diamond, Domino Rivera, the Hooligans, Nate Bash, Ben Sailer, and others.

-- Here are the upcoming DVD releases from WWE and TNA:

* WWE Satan's Prison: The Elimination Chamber Anthology - July 13th
* WWE Fatal Four Way 2010 PPV July 20th
* TNA Sacrifice 2010 PPV July 20th (The DVD will include a photo gallery, a music video and post-match interviews with Socal Val interviewing the Motor City Machineguns, Rob Terry, Kazarian, Madison Rayne, Eric Young, Desmond Wolfe, Ken Anderson and Rob Van Dam.)
* WWE The Best of Raw Season One and Two August 10th
* WWE Money in the Bank 2010 PPV August 17th
* WWE Chris Jericho DVD Set September 21st
* TNA Best Of The Asylum Years Vol. 1 September 21st
* WWE Best of the High Flyers October 12th
* TNA Wrestling's Greatest Moments October 21st
* WWE Smackdown: 2010 Season October 26th
* WWE John Cena: Title TBA November 19th
* TNA Triple Threat Vol. 4 (It includes Victory Road 2010, Hard Justice 2010, and No Surrender 2010 PPV) November 19th
* WWE 100 Craziest Moments December 14th
* WWE Bobby Heenan DVD December 28th

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