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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, July 12th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky.
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"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

-Video package of the ending of Raw last week kicks things off. And we get the opening video package leading us into pyro.

-Tonight, John Cena is going to face the Nexus in a handicapped match, but it will only be 6 on 1 as Darren Young isn't cleared to wrestle.

-And speaking of John Cena, here he comes. He thanks all of us, and he sends a special thanks to the wrestlers who helped him fight off the Nexus. Something was missing though. The pale kid with the red hair. Sheamus. He never showed up. One of these days Sheamus is going to realize that against the Nexus, they're all in this together. But next Monday, Sheamus is going to wake up and realize he's lost the WWE Championship. Cena plans on ripping his face off and switching it up with his butt. Weird. Sheamus has the chance to prove to all of us that he's actually good this Sunday. Sheamus is a two time WWE Champion. Once because Cena fell through a table by accident and once because he was attacked by Nexus. Way to make the champ look like s--t John. No one can interfere in a cage match though. After weeks of listening to the human jar of mayoinaise, next Monday, the champ will be here! And as grueling as that match is, it's his easiest match of the week, because the GM has booked him in a 6 on 1 handicapped match. Whether Cena has help or has to do it himself, he's taking them all out. It's not about winning, it's about survival. And here comes the Nexus (all with matching t-shirts).

Barrett says right now Cena shouldn't be worried. Nexus could come to the ring and beat up Cena, but it would be to easy. Nexus gets to do whatever they want with a clear conscience because Cena did this to himself. Cena's too short sighted to realize that the Nexus stands for a much bigger picture. Cena disrespected the GM, and he's going to get what he deserves. Cole's got an email. Cole informs us that if any superstar gets involved in the handicapped match, they will be suspended for 90 days. The Nexus must tag in and out during the match, and if they don't abid by that rule, they will be suspended as well. Barrett says that doesn't make one shred of difference because Cena's going to be in that ring all alone. Cena says they may be lucky to take him out tonight, but tonight he's taking a few of them down with him. Cena's music plays to end the segment.

-Eve Torres is joining Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole on commentary.

Match 1 : Diva's Champion Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim

Hey, Gail's back on Raw, and is going to have a match nonetheless. Tie up to start, and Gail hits an armdrag, and another. Alicia counters a monkey flip and hits a knee. Pin but Gail kicks out. Sleeper by Alicia. Gail fights out with forearms, but to no avail. Gail counters an irish whip with a flapjack. Dropkick by Gail. Crossbody in the corner. Gail goes to the top, but Alicia takes her down with a modified snapmare. Alicia counters the Eat Defeat and hits the Axe Kick. Pin and it's over.

Winner : Alicia Fox (Uh)

Alicia taunts Eve. Eve gets up but Cole's got an email. Due to Alicia Fox feigning her injury last week, Eve's going to have another title match, this Sunday at MITB. Smell the buys.

-Tonight, Edge and Orton are gonna face off in singles action. Also, Cena goes up against the Nexus in a 6 on 1 handicapped match.

Match 2 : Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs The Uso's and Tamina

One of the Uso's and Tyson start off. Shots by Kidd, spin kick to the gut and dropkick follow. Kidd with a senton off the apron, taking out both the Uso's on the outside. Tyson goes sprinboard, but Tamina trips the leg. Jimmy takes control.Double back elbow/double elbow drop combo. Pin but only two. Sleeper by Jay, but Kidd counters with an armdrag. Uppercut by Jay. Stomps in the corner now, and here comes Jimmy. Tyson gets out of the way, and here comes David. He's taking it to both of the Uso's with clotheslines. Spinning back suplex connects. Pin but Tamina breaks it up. Lou Thesz press by Natalya. Tag to Jay, and he hits a superkick on an unsuspecting David. Jay goes to the top. Splash connects. Pin and that's all.

Winners : The Uso's and Tamina (Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get into this. It didn't get a lot of time and the Uso's came across as really bland)

Barrett's in the back with Jericho. Barrett thanks Jericho and they shake hands. Josh Matthews asks Jericho for an interview, but Jericho walks on. Barrett gets into Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi says Cena is his friend. The Nexus appears behind him. Otunga grabs him and knees him in the gut a bunch of times. Tarver clubs him in the back and stands over him as we head to commercial.

-"Money" by I Fight Dragons is the official theme of Money in the Bank.

-And speaking of money, here comes Ted Dibiase and Maryse. Their entrance is taking a s--t ton of time. Dibiase introduces us to the Million Dollar Couple. The most powerful couple in the WWE. Of course he's referring to himself and that... briefcase. Dibiase tells Maryse to imagine what happens when he wins MITB. He'll shower he with gifts, and he'll give himself the ultimate gift, the WWE Championship. And here comes John Morrison.

He tells Ted to hold on. He's going to shower her with gifts. Everybody knows the French don't take showers. Maryse says some stuff in French. Morrison says that Maryse just said everyone in the arena has hippopotamus breath, and she also said that he herself resembles a platypus. Don't shoot the messenger. Dibiase attacks Morrison, and starts beating him down on the mat. He yells at Morrison to get up. Morrison counters Dream Street with a gamengiri. Morrison mounts Ted and hits him with the rights. Starship Pain coming up, but Maryse pulls Ted to the outside.

-Cole hypes up the Cena/Nexus match for later tonight.

-Oh god. Brady Bunch time. It's a spoof of the Brady Bunch theme. I can't recap this. Just know that Doink the Clown is in it. Florence has a pie backstage (not that kind. perverts). She says it's for Santino. Fake laughs are included. Regal shows up and makes a joke, but there's no fake laugh. Florence says it's because he's not funny. If Regal wants to konw something of use, he'd ask the Partridge Family. She slaps him and tells him to leave. Santino says he likes that and goes for a kiss. She stops him and walks off.

-Cole and Lawler hype up Raw's MITB ladder match this Sunday. Because of Miz's attack last week, R-Truth will not be included. We'll find out his replacement tonight though. One man who can tell us all about how important MITB is is Edge. We get a video package of Edge winning the first ever MITB ladder match, and then when he cashed in the briefcase. I miss Lita. And now you know.

Edge is shown walking in the back. His match against Orton is up next.

-Tomorrow night, the Nexus returns to NXT. What do they want and who are they after? Baw gawd.

Match 3 : Edge vs Randy Orton

Tie up to start, and both guys fight for the advantage. Orton pushes Edge into the ropes and breaks the old. Another tie up, and Edge pushes Orton into the corner. Right hands by Edge now. Orton starts to fight back with rights of his own. Edge counters an irish whip but gets hit with a clothesline. Orton stomps the head, and now the arm, and the leg. Knee drop. Pin but only two. Kick by Orton, and Edge goes to the apron. Orton grabs Edge and starts hitting him with clubbing blows to the chest. Orton grabs Edge's legs and stomps his chest. He then slingshots Edge throat first into the ropes. Edge rolls to the outside and Orton follows. Orton throws Edge back into the ring and goes up onto the apron. Boot by Edge knocks Orton to the outside. Edge goes to the outside and throws Orton back into the ring. Edge boots Orton in the side of the head. Vintage scoop slam by Orton to take control. European uppercut by Orton. Edge counters an irish whip and sends Orton to the outside as we head to commercial.

We're back and Orton hangs Edge up on the top rope. Orton runs at Edge but gets hit with a drop toe hold. Sleeper by Edge locked in. Orton gets up to his feet but looks like he's about to pass out. He's not though, as he hits Edge with a backsuplex. Both guys are down now. They're both up and Orton hits some clotheslines. Vintage scoop slam by Orton again. Orton with shots to Edge. Orton wants that hangmans DDT. Edge counters though with the Edgecution. Pin but only two. Edge wants the Spear. Kick by Orton to counter. Orton wants the RKO. Edge pushes him off. Orton jumps over a Spear. Roll up but only two. Edge ducks a clothesline and hits that back to back backbreaker. Orton wants the RKO, but here comes Jericho. He throws his jacket into the ring. Orton got distracted. Edgomatic connects. Pin and that's all. When was the last time Edge beat someone with that.

Winner : Edge (Everything before the commercial was kind of slow and boring, but once we got back from commercial, we got an alright match between these two. Still, they're capable of better)

Codebreaker by Jericho to Edge. RKO to Jericho. Bourne's in the ring. Spin kick to Orton. Bourne goes to the top. HOLY f--kIN CHRIST. Orton just countered a f--king Airbourne into a f--king RKO!!! Holy f--king s--t that was awesome.

-Skip Sheffield is walking in the back. Matthews asks him about what their focus is on NXT. Sheffield walks off but bumps into Morrison. Sheffield tells Morrison to watch where he's walking. Morrison gets surrounded by the Nexus. Morrison hits Slater with an elbow but the numbers game is too much. They take Morrison and slam him into a steel door. Slater punts him in the gut. Slater takes Morrison and throws him into some object. Nexus stands over Morrison as we head to commercial.

-AWESOME!! Here comes The Miz. He says everyone's been talking about how they're going to win MITB. Talk is cheap. We get a video package of Miz destroying R-Truth last week. Miz asks us if we get it. He's never been more serious in his entire life. He doesn't talk, he lets his actions speak for themselves. He doesn't need a ladder to take out R-Truth, he did it with his bear hands. He took away R-Truth's dream of winning MITB with his bear hands. He took away his ability to play catch with his son and to entertain. This Sunday, when Miz has a ladder in his hands, what he did to R-Truth will fail in comparison to what he'll do to his opponents. 1 down, and 6 to go. Cole's got an email. Miz will now compete against R-Truth's replacement in the MITB ladder match. Just when you think he has the answers, he changes the questions.

Match 4 : United States Champion The Miz vs Mark Henry

No offense to Henry, but I honestly think we would've been better off if there were only 7 competitors. Miz goes for a shot, but Henry grabs his hand and throws him across the ring. Military press slam by Henry. On the outside now as Henry throws Miz into the ring. Henry charges Miz, but Miz ducks out of the way and Henry goes right into the podium. Miz grabs some plastic container and his Henry with it. He then dumps some garbage on Henry. We're going to commercial.

Winner : Uh, didn't even know the match ended

Did You Know : Nickelback sucks. You probably did, but whatever.

And here comes Florence Henderson. She's going to be the special guest ring announcer. She says she's feeling groovy. She asks us if we're feeling groovy. The following contest is an eight man Brady Bunch tag team match.

Match 5 : The Regal Bunch (William Regal, Zack Ryder, Primo and Doink the Clown) vs The Santino Bunch (Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust and The Great Khali) - Eight Man Brady Bunch Tag Team match

Regal and Santion start off. Santino does some weird s--t, and Regal takes control with forearms and knees. Florence has Regal's jacket on. Regal is distracted. Santino's setting up the Cobra. He nails Regal with it. Pin but Primo and Zack break it up. It's mayhem in the ring now. Doink's in. Santino tags in Khali. Doink is terrified. He goes to slam Khali, but to no avail. He pulls out a squirt gun and sprays it into Khali's eyes. Khali hits him with the overhead chop. Pin and that's all.

Winners : The Santino Bunch (This doesn't even deserve a Vince Head)

The Santino Bunch and Florence are in the ring. Santino goes for a hug, but Florence ducks and goes to Khali. She kisses him, and Santino is pissed. I missed what happened after that because my palm was in my face.

-We get a recap of the WM25 MITB ladder match, along with Punk cashing in on Hardy. Kind of surprising to see Hardy be part of the main focus of a video package.

-Matthews goes up to Edge in the back. Edge says that he wants to thank Jericho for the wake up call. Tonight, he exemplified what the MITB ladder match is. He has 7 other opponents, and you have to have eyes in the back of your head. Edge has been in more MITB ladder matches and won more MITB ladder matches than anyone else. He has a secret though. A little voice in the back of his mind that tells him things. Reminds him to be ruthless, to be void of compassion. It reminds him that he has no morals or rules. He is the Ultimate Opportunist, and he loves destroying the lives of everyone else. That voice talks to him, and he listens to it, and it listens to him. He told it that in 6 days, the fun...truly...begins.

-Bourne has ice on his neck as he's being checked up on by medics. Sheamus shows up and asks him if he's alright fella. Bourne's lucky it wasn't him, because it would have been a lot worse. The Nexus surrounds them. Sheamus tells them they may want to have a word with Bourne and walks off. Gabriel slaps Bourne in the back of the head. Barrett slams the back of his head into the thing he was laying on. Sheamus shows up and says that will teach him a lesson, won't it fella. The Nexus surrounds Sheamus now. Sheffield jumps at Sheamus and he runs off like a coward. Sheamus asks where's Cena's locker room and runs away. Wait, is the point of this Raw to bury the champ, because they're doing a damn good job of it.

It's main event time...

The Nexus vs. John Cena

Back from the break and The Nexus, minus Darren Young, are lined up in the ring. Out next comes John Cena to a big pop. Cena starts things off with Michael Tarver. They go to the corner and Cena beats Tarver down. Cena hits an elbow to the face and a fisherman's suplex. Tarver tags in Justin Gabriel. They lock up and go to the corner. Cena does the same thing, beat Gabriel down in the corner. Cena with a clothesline. Gabriel tags in Skip Sheffield. The crowd chants for Cena as they lock up.

Sheffield comes back in and they distract. Sheffield gets the upperhand and works Cena over. Heath Slater is tagged in and he works Cena over with rights. They team up on Cena as the ref is distracted. Slater with a big back suplex and another. David Otunga is tagged in next. He continues the beatdown on Cena. Cena comes back and decks some members but Otunga clotheslines him. Otunga with a suplex now. Cena fights back with a suplex but Otunga tags in Wade Barrett. Cena with right hands. Barrett knocks Cena down with a big boot to the face. Barrett goes for his finisher but Cena slides out. Cena with two shoulders and a back suplex.

Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Barrett. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment and hits it. Barrett tagged in Sheffield on his way down. Sheffield stomps on Cena and hits his big running clothesline. Otunga is tagged in now. Otunga slams Cena with his finisher. Gabriel is back in next. Gabriel goes to the top for the 450 Splash and hits it for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: The Nexus

- After the match, Barrett comes in and tells everyone to get away from Cena. Barrett says this is personal. Cena gets up and decks Barrett. He gets a chair from ringside and hits Slater in the back with it. Cena hits the ring with the chair and Nexus flees to the floor. Nexus discuss what to do again and surround the ring. Cena is busted open, bleeding from his face. Sheamus runs down with a chair and swings it at the Nexus guys. Sheamus and Cena with chairs fight the Nexus guys off the apron. Nexus retreats to the back. RAW goes off the air with Cena holding a chair bleeding.

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