-- SITE NOTE: I just got word this morning that Rob (WZR Radio producer) and his wife welcomed a healthy little baby girl late last night after a long day/night at the hospital. We had known for several weeks now that this may cause an issue for WZR Radio and that's exactly what has happened. Due to the new addition to the WZR family, we're forced to postpone tonight's WZR Radio as they are both still in a hospital and I'm unable to produce. If anyone knows how to Skype us through to Justin.TV I'd be more than willing to give it a shot tonight. Just email me at [email protected] ASAP. Otherwise we'll have to wait till next week. Congrats to Rob and his wife on the new addition.

-- The Louisville Courier-Journal interviewed Kofi Kingston to promote tonight's SmackDown! tapings. You can check out the interview at courier-journal.com

-- Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger in a Steel Cage for the WWE World title is the dark match for tonight's SmackDown! tapings.

-- Melina has been talking about her career with her fans on Twitter. In the first part, she discusses being her worst critic, while in the second part she discusses being a championů

"I'm harder on myself when it comes to wrestling. I'm my own worst critic. I always get upset with myself when I know I could have done better. When I know what We are capable of and I couldn't show the person I'm having a match with how much more it can be. But I still am thankful and appreciate what we create when we have matches. I pray that one day people can look at a match they had with me and see what I brought out of them. How I pushed them to their personal best. I am serious about wrestling because I know what we are capable of and I want to share that Beauty we create together. Its something you can see and feel through having a great match By getting the fans emotionally involved. It's the best feeling. I hope the world can see that I give what I can to wrestling. And I know when I come back I motivate people to bust their butts because I accept no less from myself. When I'm done with wrestling (which I pray it won't be for a long time), I hope people can see what I have contributed. I always wanted to do my personal best to see how far I can go ( like be in the hall of fame) now I want credibility in women's wrestling and to have this art live on after I am gone. Being a champion is an incredible feeling. When I first won it I didn't feel like I deserved it. I tried to work as hard as I could to be a deserving champion. To become better. When you lose it, you fight to get it back. When you win AGAIN you know it's hard to retain the title because the locker room is gunning for the title. Each moment makes me work harder than the last. Seriously. I'm not there to take pictures with the title. The world hated me from the beginning and I had to work HARD to become better to prove to them all what I can do. Now I work hard to not let all of you who have faith in me down... I also do it To show everyone what female wrestlers can do. Holding that title fills my heart with pride knowing who held it before me... And to know that the WWE had faith in me to hold it again and that they believe I give it meaning. To me, holding that title means so much because I have been through so much emotionally and physically. I have lost so much yet been blessed at the same time. Holding that title feels like a thank you for everything you have done for us."

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